Win My Award
Okay, here are the rules.

1. Your page has to be about Nick Carter, if not go to and go to the awards section.

2. There can be no profanity or anything like that on your page.

3. Your page can't be making fun of Nick or any of the other Backstreet Boys.

4. If you have any of my graphics on your page please link them back to me, if I see one of my graphcs on your page without a link back to me. I will not give you the award.

� That's all the rules, I am gonna check every page that gets sent to me.

All that you have to do to enter is send me your name, site name, site address, and why you think that you should win. You can e-mail me at
[email protected] or just use the link below. The actual award will not have SAMPLE written across it. I just did that so no one would steal it. Good Luck!!
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