Yes, it is true, our beloved boys do make mistakes. But hey, we still love them just the same, right. :-)

All I Have To Give:

When they are in the water and they all kind of curl up, Nick's arm is sticking out.  When they are singing the second verse around the microphone and looking up Nick totally sings the wrong part. Nick nearly trips over Howie.

Everybody (Backstreet's Back):

In the beginning while they are dancing in the ball room before they start singing it zooms in on Nick and he is singing "Everybody". Kevin is totally singing the wrong part during one chorus. They show him and right after the first "Everyboooody..." actually not even before it's finished, he kinda says "Rock your body." Near the end of the video, they are all dancing and Brian is sitting on the ground while the others get up.
*Note: Brian has said in interviews that "It was so funny. I fell and I just sat there, stunned. They never took it out of the video."

I'll Never Break Your Heart:

This isn't really a blooper, but the girl with Brian is Brian's current girlfriend, and the dog that is in the room with them too is Brian's dog, he bought it after the video. Look at A.J.'s sleeves. You'll know what I mean. Near the end, on the last time the camera goes down the building showing each of the Boys' rooms, Nick adjuts/scratches himself.

Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart):

Kevin's pants are a little to white near the end. At one point Kevin sings the wrong part. Brian coughs and grabs his chest, which is kinda scary because it was right before he had his heart sugery.
This isn't really a blooper, but A.J. is wearing green eye-contacts. He says they give his eyes a cool snake effect.
Brian does NOT jump off the bleachers. I don't know HOW he managed it, but he jumped off the GROUND. If you play it in slow-mo, you'll notice that.

We've Got It Goin' On:

All the boys go down and Kevin stays up. A.J. doesn't sing his own part at some point in the video.

As Long As You Love Me:

Kevin trips directly under the clock. The clock's time never changes. The African-American girl's hair is poofy in one frame, and not in the next. A.J.'s shirt is tucked in in one from, and not in the next. Brian looks like he is laughing during his part. I think it's "Every little thing that you have said and done..." In one frame Howie is on the phone talking with the phone against his left ear. In the next frame Howie is olding it against his right ear. Then the next frame he isn't on the phone at all!

I Want It That Way:

A.J. sings Brian's part, "I never wanna hear you say..." Kevin seems to be doing everything Nick does during his part and doing different guestures for everyone alse. Howie keeps nodding and winking throughout the whole video. At the end of the second last chorus, Nick's supposed to be singing "Don't Wanna Hear You Say" but he's miming "I Want It That Way"

Larger Than Life:

A.J. sings Brian's part in one point of the song.

If you have any bloopers that I don't have here please e-mail them to me and I will put them up. Thanks!

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