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About Alicia
I'm Alicia, obviously, and I'm 22 years old. I'm a student at SUNY Fredonia in Fredonia, NY and I'm majoring in Medical Technology. I will be graduating with a B.S. in Medical Technology in May 2008 and I will finish a required internship in July. Upon graduation, I will obtain a job in the medical technology field. Medical technologists work in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, or other places performing a variety of tests to help doctors diagnose their patients. Blood smears, blood tests, urine tests, toxicology screens, cholesterol tests and other such tests will be performed by myself and other co-workers. In addition to biology, I love dancing, movies and planning the wedding.

About Nick
Nick is a 23 year old Alfred State graduate, living in Clifton Park, NY in the Capital Region of New York State. Clifton Park is about 15 minutes north of Albany. He works at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories (KAPL) in Schenectady, NY as a Drafter/Designer. The work he does is top secret and he can't even tell me! He's made a lot of good friends in the area. He loves living in the Capital Region because of the fantastic scenery, skiing, and sporting activities that he can do.

How We Met
Nick and I met in high school Chemistry class. I was in 10th grade and Nick was in 11th grade. Nick and I had seen each other around before because he was a football player and I was a cheerleader. Originally, we weren't sitting near each other, but there was physical attraction. One day, Nick and a few of his friends decided to move to the other side of the room. Nick and I had spoken to each other a few times by this point. When they moved, I made a very bold move - I got up and moved with them so that I could sit next to Nick! Throughout he remainder of the year, Nick and I flirted and feelings grew. We started dating in May of that year (2001).

However, Nick and I didn't quite work out the first time around. We broke up two months later. We spent the summer single, but the feelings were still there. I didn't think that we'd get back together, but Nick still talked to me. I told him that I couldn't be just friends with him so it was either all or nothing. We distanced ourselves for the remainder of the summer. On the first day of school the following year, Nick and I saw each other. The feelings we had for each other surfaced and that night, I got a call from him. The following night, September 25, 2001, Nick and I began dating again. The rest is history...

The Proposal
Nick had just recently got a job in Tonawanda. He had told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate. Weeks passed, and we never went out to dinner so I thought that it wasn't going to happen. One day, Nick told me I had to go buy something nice to wear, because he was taking me out to Salvatore's that weekend to celebrate his new job and then we'd go to the Buffalo Bandits lacrosse game. We went to the mall and I bought a dress. The next day, January 29, 2005, I met Nick at his mom's house in Gasport. Nick told me that his dad and stepmom were planning on going to the Bandits game as well, but they left their tickets at home. He told me that they were staying in the Garden Place Hotel in Buffalo for their anniversary and we had to go drop their tickets off to them.

I went along with the plan, thinking nothing of it. We arrived at the Garden Place and Nick and I went in. We arrived at a suite and NIck pulled out a key card. I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I guess I didn't really think about it. We walked in and the bed and floors were covered with red and white rose petals and there was nobody to be found in the room. Still clueless, I asked him where his dad and Jill were. He said, "this room is for us." I said, "why?" He replied and said, "I think you know why..." and proceeded to get down on his knee. He pulled out a ring box and opened it as he asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes. Afterwards, we went to Salvatore's for a celebratory dinner and then we spent the rest of the night in the hot tub, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
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