By: Nick Dettman
Sticks (book)
Pool is a game involving a rectangular surface with sides and 6 pockets in which the object is to get the balls in the pockets.  The balls are arranged in a triangular pattern and then struck by the "cue" ball that is struck by a "cue"stick.  The balls, once struck, will bounce off the walls and other balls. 
Unbelievable Secrets of the Pool Table
Bank Shots w/ Angles
Online Pool Game
Pool is a game full of angles, as you will learn on my bank shots with angles page.  You can figure out where a ball will go if shot against the bumper by using angles.  For example: on a rectangular table with only corner pockets and sides of integer lengths m and n, a ball set at a 45� angle from one corner will reflect off the side and will fall into another pocket according to m+n-2.
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