Everything you need to know before you click that "Start New Thread" button. I mean it. Move your mouse and step away from the keyboard. 
General NCAA Hockey Section- "What the hell is PWR?
The WCHA- "Banners don't skate"
The CCHA- "The Big Ten and the 9 dwarfs"
Hockey East- "Damn Western Bias!"
The ECAC- "Our players are smarter than yours"
College Hockey America- "Someone wants to join, right? Please?"
Atlantic Hockey- "We're D1. Honest! There isn't a D2! Ask the NCAA!"
RIT and other things that currently don't fit into a conference.
The USCHO Cafe- "It's all _____'s Fault"
Some pages are sparse. Some are non-existant. This is currently all that was left after deleting the old page, having a computer crash, and eliminating stuff that was no longer relevent.
Any submissions email or post to the board. Or tell MeanEgirl, and she'll threaten to jump up and punch me in the knee for slacking on this for 5 months again.
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