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1. The Java Web Chat Applet only supports the emoticons in the top 16 yellow boxes.
2. The Yahoo! Messenger application supports ALL the emoticons listed above.
3. The bottom 10 emoticons in the brown boxes are hidden emoticons, they do not appear in Messenger's dropdown
     emoticon picker box. They will work if you enter the key sequences manually in the chat / PM window.

Question  Yahoo! Messenger Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've seen naughty / funny emoticons on a friends computer. How do I download and install these on mine?
A. I've went into detail on changing the emoticons down the page a bit. Click HERE to go down there now!

Q. I was in a chat room and seen other emoticons like wine glasses, bicycles, playing cards, houses etc. How is this done?
A. These are not actually emoticons - they are characters from picture fonts called Webdings and Wingdings. Change your
     font in the chat / PM window to one of these and press a few keys and you'll see them. As with normal fonts you can
     change the size and color of the characters. There are a good selection of picture characters in these fonts so try every
     key on your keyboard, including lower and uppercase letters.

Q. I know of the Yahoo sounds like <snd=yahoo> and <snd=pow>. Are there any more sounds in Messenger I can use?
A. I've listed all the Yahoo sounds down the page a bit. Click HERE to go there now.

Q. I have Yahoo! Messenger installed but not all of the emoticons above seem to work. Why is this?
A. You need to download the latest version of Messenger HERE. The latest is version 5 (5,0,0,1066).

Q. How do I find out what version of Yahoo! Messenger I have installed?
A. Go to Messenger's HELP menu and click on 'About Yahoo! Messenger..'

Q. I can't get the Monkey emoticon to work and I have the latest Messenger installed! What's wrong?
A. The monkey uses the bar character '|' for it's mouth. You will find it on the backslash key '\' beside the 'Z' key.
     On some keyboards it looks like this '' but do try both the solid and split bar characters if you're having trouble.
     Take note that this is NOT a '1''I' or lowercase 'L' character! If you're really stuck copy and paste this --> :(|)

Q. The American flag and the Pumpkin emoticons only animate on the first line their used on in a PM window. Why?
A. I don't really know! It seems to be a bug in Messenger that prevents animations being used more than once.

Q. Is there any way I can get Messenger to display ALL the emoticons in it's drop-down emoticon picker box?
A. Unfortunately not. This is hard-wired into messenger and cannot be edited to show the hidden emoticons.

Q. What about the Ghost Emoticon? It was shown here a while back! Did it ever exist? What were the keys for it?
A. Aa-ha, the infamous ghost emoticon! It did exist in an earlier Beta version of messenger but only as a graphic.
     There were no key sequences assigned to it so it could never have been displayed in a chat / PM window.

Q. Will there be any new emoticons added to Messenger in later versions?
A. There could be new emoticons in later versions of Messenger. I will update the list if there are any new emoticons.

Q. If I use an emoticon like :)) with the Java Applet at the start of the line it comes out as )) . Why is this?
A. The Java Applet uses the ' : ' character for it's Emotions feature and gets confused. Type a space, then :))

Q. Are there any secret emoticons or other stuff in the Java Chat Applet?
A. There are some features you may not know about. Type /help in the main chat window for info about them.

Q. Will all these emoticon keys sequences work in AOL / MSN / Excite / other chat programs?
A. Not all of them. Common emoticon key sequences universal to chat programs are basic ones like :-)  :-(  ;-)

Q. I'm using Cheetachat with Yahoo's servers. Can I use the emoticons with it?
A. You can send them with Cheetachat but only the basic ones will be displayed on your screen as a graphic.


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