Changing The Default Emoticon Graphics With New One

If you're bored with the normal emoticon graphics you can change them for different ones. First you need to locate the folder on your PC where these are stored. If you installed Messenger into it's default folder then the emoticon graphic files will be here --> C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Media\Smileys

If you installed Messenger into a different folder then you'll need to find the Smileys sub-folder and make a note of it.

In that folder you'll find a number of BMP and GIF files. These are the smiley graphic files. The BMP files are used for the drop-down emoticon picker box, and the GIF files are the smileys you see in the chat / PM window. Don't worry too much about this technical stuff for now, all you need to know is that you found them!

Before you go any further you'll need to get a copy of WinZip from if you don't already have it. Click here go to smiley faces window

When the file has downloaded open it with WinZip. Select all the GIF and BMP files and extract them into the Smiley folder mentioned above. If WinZip asks you if you want to overwrite the original files click 'Yes'.
Your Messenger now has it's new emoticons! To see what new ones you have copy and paste this next line into a Chat or PM window. This will display all your installed emoticons.

:) :| :( :> :x ;) :d :p :-/ x( :(( :)) :"> :O b-) >:) I-) 0:) :-B =; 3:-0 @};- =:) <):) 8-x :O) :-& :-$ **== :@) [-( :(|) *-:) (~~)

If you get tired of your new smileys and you want the original ones back again then download this next file and extract it into the Smiley folder mentioned above. It contains all the original Messenger emoticon graphics.

>> Original Messenger Smiley Graphics - 437Kb <<

Please be aware that you are the only one who will see any new smileys you have on your Messenger - you will need to get your chat buddies to download and install the same set as yours.

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