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The original kool tie is an attractive fabric tubular scarf which contains polymer crystals. When soaked in water, these crystals expand more than 400 times their weight.
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Although there are several areas of cardio-vascular arteries throughout the human body, the neck is the most important in terms of cooling the body easily and quickly.
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The original kool tie cools the body through the natural process of evaporation. When placed on the neck, the vascular arteries in the neck send a signal to the brain that trigger's the body temperature.  Kool ties never needs to be refrigerated or frozen, and the continuous cooling effect will last for 2-3 days before resoaking is needed. This provides a more efficient and comfortable method of dealing with hot situations than products with frozen inserts.

The cooling effect of the original kool tie is all natural--you need nothing to activate it except water. The gradual release of moisture provides the effect.

When placed around your neck the evaporation of the water will:
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-Cool Your neck and the blood flow to the brain and brain stem.
Allow clearer brain function in hot enviornments
Reduce perspiration rate and reduce the possibility of dehydration.
Help reduce headache pain.
Great for keeping cool while playing sports.
-Help with local swelling due to sprain or sport injury when used with iced water.
Lower the chance of body melt down due to extended physical excercise.
Can be used as a hot pack when saoked in warm or hot water.
Soothes menopausal hot flashes.
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