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The American Eskimo is a beautiful, highly intelligent, white dog that is often referred to as a "Spitz". When they are born they resemble a Polar Bear cub, however, their appearance changes with age. Eskie's are noted for the striking contrast of their black nose and eyes against a bright white thick coat. They make excellent family pets and have an incredible ability to learn and an overwhelming desire to please.

Meesha's Picture This is Meesha, our American Eskimo Puppy at 7 weeks old. Meesha is a Purple Ribbon, 6th generation, UKC registered, Eskie. She was born on July 11,1995 and sired as 'PR' Beley's Meesha.

We tried to introduce her to the ball, a dogs favorite toy.

Meesha took a fancy to shoes the first few months, instead of a dogs favorite toy. Can you picture a 6 lb. puppy walking around with a Size 13 mans Tennis Shoe? She really didn't have a preference though, she liked mine just as much. Needless to say she spent a lot of time in the doghouse. You're probably wondering what I was doing while she was getting into things! Well I guess I was taking a cat nap and thought she was taking a puppy nap. Wrong! Meesha in the Doghouse

Meehsa Image This was Meesha at Christmas December 25, 1995. She was 6 months old and really enjoyed opening her gifts. She had no problem ripping up the bows and paper. She had many months of practice. We really had to laugh this time, and we all had fun watching her.

Meesha trying to get at my drink the Christmas of 1996. I wonder what tales we will have this year. Pauline's Image
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Meesha in the Snow Meesha playing in the snow winter of 1997. Her favorite time of the year.

Meesha at a family reunion the summer of 1997. Meesha at a Picnic

Meesha Christmas 1997 Meesha opening her gifts Christmas of 1997. She hasn't lost her knack for shredding and tearing paper.

Meesha at another picnic in 1998. She loves playing outdoors and being the center of attention. Meesha Summer 1998

Dog Running

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