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Sarah's Room
If the smiley below is awake and happy, IM or email me and be able to talk to you here and now. If it is alseep, that means im offline, and youll just have to wait.
Hello and welcome to my portfolio! On this site, there are many interesting things to see, and I hope that you enjoy it well. If you wish to contact me, my address is
[email protected]
I would really appreciate hearing from you! (It really cheers me up when I know how many visitors I have here!)
As a BIG fan of Everclear, I have also set-up a site for EC fans that I know totally ROCKS!

Click the picture on the left here to enter  my Everclear shrine.
Below are some more great everclear sites where fans get together.
As you may know. I have probably given you this address myself so that you can view my online gallery.  I am trying to update as often as possible, and will soon be making additions. I hope that you enjoy what all i have up here for now. CLICK THE DRAWING BELOW TO VIEW MY GALLERY.
Click the funny cartoon below to enter one of my favorite LOTR funny sites where you can submit your own funnies. This site is by LOTR fans for LOTR fans. Just think, the world could be seeing YOUR funny caption or artwork someday.
Below is some Random Crap.
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