[11.06]Iím Listening

Iím Listening                               Written by Heide Perlman
                                            Directed by Sheldon Epps
Production Code: 11.06
Episode Number in Production Order: 246
Filmed on: 
Original Airdate on NBC: 28th October 2003
Transcript written on 26th December 2003

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Transcript {Mike Lee}

Skyline: Lightning flashes.


Scene One - Apartment
In the morning, Ronee and Martin are in the living room, wearing their 
bathrobes and getting breakfast.  Ronee is at the piano.  

[To the tune of ďGood MorningĒ from ďSinging in the Rain.Ē]

  Ronee: [singing] Good morning, good morning, Iíd like a bagel too, 
         and schmear it, with cream cheese, thank you...

Martin sways appreciatively, but Frasier comes out in his bathrobe, 
bleary and irritable.

Frasier: Excuse me, excuse me!  Did it occur to you that some of us 
         might still be trying to sleep?
 Martin: Oh, lighten up, Fras, Ronee was just showing me how she can 
         change the lyrics to any song to suit the occasion.
Frasier: Yes, very impressive.  Does she take requests?
 Martin: Sure!
Frasier: Stop it!

Frasier goes to the table and pours himself coffee.

  Ronee: You know what you need, Grumpy?  A nice hot breakfast.  Marty, 
         why donít you get Grumpy here some breakfast?
Frasier: I donít want any breakfast, and please stop calling me that.

[To the tune of John Denverís ďThank God heís a country boy.Ē]

  Ronee: [singing] Got me some ham, and some cakes on the griddle/ 
         Whoo!  Good God, heís a grumpy boy!

Martin laughs uproariously.

 Martin: You see what she just did?
Frasier: Yes, itís mind-boggling.  Listen, Dad, do you mind giving me a 
         ride to work today?  My car is in the shop.
 Martin: Again?
Frasier: Well, yeah, my seat-warmerís stuck on high, so I tried to 
         offset it by blasting the air conditioner, which resulted in 
         sort of a fog bank on my dashboard.
  Ronee: I can give you a ride, Fras.  I mean, itís just an old Caddy, 
         so thereís nothing fancy like butt warmers or seat belts.
Frasier: Fine.  Let me just make sure my will is in order, and Iíll be 
         back in a minute.

He gets up and dashes to his room.

 Martin: Well, Iím going to go take a shower.
Frasier: [on his way out] Donít use all the hot water!
 Martin: I know.  Gotta leave enough for miladyís tub.
  Ronee: Oh, thatís okay, I can take a shower too.
 Martin: I wasnít talking about you.

Martin exits.  Roneeís mobile rings, she answers.  As she talks, 
Frasier re-appears in the hallway, but she doesnít see him.

  Ronee: Hello?  Oh, Richard, hi.

Hearing this, Frasier ducks behind the wall.  As she turns toward the 
piano, he hunches closer to hear better.

  Ronee: Listen, this really isnít a good time.  I was just heading 
         into a yoga class and... yeah.  No, I would love to have 
         dinner.  That sounds fun.  Okay, Iíll see you then, sweetie.

As she hangs up, Frasier retreats a step, then makes a loud entrance, 
as if he just came in.

Frasier: You know, I got two steps in my room and realized Iíd 
         forgotten - ah, there it is.

He picks up his coffee cup as Ronee sits at the piano again.

[To the tune of ďThere She Is, Miss AmericaĒ]

  Ronee: [singing] There it is, Frasierís coffee cup...
Frasier: You are a national treasure. 


Scene Two - Cafť Nervosa
Niles is seated at a table, composing a letter.  Frasier comes in.

Frasier: Niles!  Thank God youíre here.  Listen, thereís something I 
         need to discuss with you.
  Niles: Oh, wait, wait, wait.  Iím in the middle of composing a plea 
         to Alfred Antin in the meter of Dr. Seuss.
Frasier: Who?
  Niles: Theodore Geisel, the childrenís author.  You know, ďI do not 
         like green eggs and ham/ I do not like them, Sam-I-Am...Ē
Frasier: Yes, yes, I know who Dr. Seuss is, you ninny.  Whoís the other 
  Niles: Oh-oh, Alfred Antin.  Heís Seattleís premier scenic painter 
         specializing in childrenís rooms.  His billowing clouds can be 
         seen scudding across the ceilings of the finest nurseries in 
         town, but heís booked solid.  So I thought if I wrote this...

He notices Frasierís restless shifting.

  Niles: Oh, youíve lost interest, havenít you?
Frasier: I was feigning interest to begin with.  Niles, I-I need your 
         advice on something.  Uh, this morning, I-I heard Ronee on the 
         phone make a date with another man.
  Niles: Are you sure?
Frasier: Iím positive.  She was talking to a man, yes, and in honeyed 
  Niles: Mm...
Frasier: Hereís my predicament.  I-I donít want to meddle, but I also 
         donít want to see Dad get hurt.  So, how do you suggest we 
         tell him?
  Niles: [looks up, surprised] ďWe?Ē
Frasier: Yes, ďwe.Ē
  Niles: Donít drag me into this, I donít know a thing about it.
Frasier: You know as much as I do, I just briefed you.
  Niles: Well, I didnít want to be briefed.
Frasier: Well, then you should have said something, now youíre in as 
         deep as I am!  You canít unscramble an egg, Niles.
  Niles: What are you talking about?!

Martin enters with a newspaper.

 Martin: Oh, boys, boys, boys, Iím glad I caught you.  Did you see 
  Niles: [reading] ďDoo-wop-aloozaĒ?
 Martin: Yeah, one night only.  All the greats of doo-wop: The 
         Coasters, The Platters, and that guy from The Teenagers 
         is back from his hip replacement.
  Niles: Wow...
Frasier: Yes...
 Martin: Oh, I know you guys arenít interested in modern music, but 
         Ronee would really love it.  I was hoping maybe you could use 
         your connections to maybe score us a couple of seats?
Frasier: Well, Iím afraid Iím not very well-connected in the doo-wop 
         world, Dad.  Uh, if thereís ever a ďMahler-palooza,Ē Iím your 
  Niles: Dad, Iíll ask around. [gathers his letter] I have to go.  Iím 
         off to try and win the heart and mind of A. Antin.  Iíll go 
         and meet him with my Daphne/ and hope that things donít go 

He shrugs lamely and exits.  Martin sits with Frasier.

 Martin: Hey, Fras, sorry again about this morning, you know, me and 
         Ronee waking you up.  We were just having a little fun.
Frasier: Thatís all right.  Itís great to have a fling once in a while, 
         isnít it?
 Martin: Hey, let me tell you something.  You donít go to Doo-wop-
         alooza with a ďfling.Ē
Frasier: I see.

Pause.  Frasier looks down.

 Martin: You got something you want to say, son?
Frasier: No.
 Martin: Fine. [signals the waiter]
Frasier: Well, all right, if you insist on dragging it out of me.  
         Something happened this morning, Dad.
 Martin: What?
Frasier: Well, I was, uh, walking down the hall to retrieve my coffee, 
         and, uh, Ronee was on the phone, and I didnít want to 
         interrupt, so I waited, and I heard her make a... a date with 
         another man.

Martin sits back, stunned... and takes it badly.

 Martin: So you eavesdropped, huh?
Frasier: No.
 Martin: Well, a personís having a private conversation.  You stop and 
         listen - thatís eavesdropping!
Frasier: Dad, it was completely by accident.  I understand why youíd be 
         upset, but please donít shoot the messenger.
 Martin: Well, the messengerís got it coming if heís a dirty little 
         eavesdropper! You walk into a private conversation, you make 
         your presence known by some subtle way.  You can-can clear 
         your throat- [clears throat] you can make a noise- [hits the 
Frasier: Dad, please!
 Martin: [gets up] You know, just because people call in for your 
         precious pearls of wisdom on the radio, it doesnít give you a 
         free pass to get into everybodyís business!  Now I know why 
         youíre always saying, ďIím listeningĒ - because you always 

As Martin leaves, two men sitting at the window table share a laugh.

Frasier: Oh, well, Iím glad the two of you found that so amusing, but 
         as you just heard, it is rude to listen in on other peopleís 

The men look at him blankly.  One of them gestures a question in sign 
language, while the other signs back and mouths, ďI have no idea.Ē  
Both men are deaf.

Chagrined, Frasier exits.


Scene Three - Apartment The doorbell rings. Frasier answers the door to Niles, then returns to searching the couch cushions. Frasier: Oh, Niles, come on in. Niles: Hey, Frasier. Hi, Iím just here to drop off these Doo-wop- alooza tickets for Dad. Frasier: Oh well, that was good luck, how did you manage it? Niles: Well, actually, Alfred Antin and his wife are big doo-wop fans, and the couple that was going with them canceled, so-so they let... He trails off, as Frasier repeatedly lifts the couch cushions, looking for something. Niles lifts one himself. Niles: They let me have the tickets. What are we looking for? Frasier: Well, my money clip. Have you seen it? Niles: Rarely. Frasier purses his lips at the implied insult, then keeps looking. Frasier: Iíve misplaced it, [kicks Martinís chair in frustration] and itís distracting me no end. Niles: Anyway, Dad was thrilled when I told him I found the tickets. Frasier: Oh well, Iím glad to hear that. He was just a bit vexed when he left me earlier this morning. Niles: Over what...? [gasps] Frasier, you told him about Roneeís date! Frasier: As we agreed! Niles: ďWeĒ? Frasier: Yes, ďwe.Ē Niles: Thereís no ďwe!Ē Thereís never been a ďwe!Ē Frasier: Oh, give it up, Niles! Thereís blood on both our hands! [checks his watch] Oh, gosh, I better go eat something. Iíve got my reading in twenty minutes. Niles: Reading? He follows Frasier to the kitchen. Frasier: Yes, yes, Iím, uh, reciting ďAnnabelle LeeĒ for the Poe Society this evening. I-I donít mind telling you, Iím just a bit nervous. Niles: Oh, donít worry - poí folk donít Ďspect much. Niles laughs as Frasier gives him a look. Niles: I had to say that. Well, Iím off. Frasier: Yes. Niles leaves. Frasier removes a Chinese takeout carton and opens it for inspection, then staggers at the smell. He closes it and replaces it in the refrigerator. At a loss, he takes an apple from the basket and bites into it. In the living room, Martin and Ronee enter through the front door. Martin: Itís this amazing doo-wop show... Hearing them, Frasier wants to make his presence known, but his mouth is full of apple. Rather than appear in that condition, he hides behind the kitchen entrance. Martin: ...all the greats, one night only this Sunday. Ronee: Sunday? Iím sorry, I-I, I made plans. Martin: Oh, plans, huh? Uh... what kind of plans? Frasier swallows, but cannot now come out - heís already heard too much for his presence to seem innocent. Ronee: Look, Marty, I like you too much to lie to you. I, I have a date. Martin: Oh, oh, itís no problem, yeah. Uh, want a drink? Frasierís eyes widen in horror. Ronee: Oh no, I better not, Iím working. Just a beer. Frasier hides behind the range as Martin and Ronee comes in. Martin gets two beers from the fridge and gives one to her. Ronee: Youíre not upset, are you? I mean, you know, we never really talked about not seeing other people. Martin: Oh no, itís fine, no, no! Iím seeing other people too. Frasier, who was looking scared, now looks indignant. Martin: Maybe Iíll ask, uh... Sheila! Yeah, sheíll be all over this one. So, uh, how about another night? Ronee: Yeah, sure. Um, what about Tuesday? Martin: Great! Ronee: Great. [then] Wow, I had no idea it was this late. They exit the kitchen. Ronee: [o.s.] So, Iíll call you about Tuesday. Frasier rises, and exhales in relief - then ducks as Ronee comes back in. But she has already noticed him. Martin follows her back in. Ronee: Frasier, what are you doing? Frasier: I didnít know you two were home. Uh, I was just cleaning the oven, I must have dozed off. Ronee: Cool. Well, I gotta run. Goodnight, you two. Martin: See ya. He waits until she is gone, then rounds on Frasier. Martin: You have a disease! Frasier: Dad, please, Iím sorry, Iím sorry, let me explain- Martin: No, thereís nothing to explain! I told you not to eavesdrop and you did it again, you are a very sick person! Frasier: I tried to announce myself, I had a mouthful of apple rendering me speechless! Martin: Oh, I was a cop, you think I havenít heard that one before? He storms out of the kitchen, Frasier follows him. Frasier: You are just angry because I heard you lying to Ronee. You really expect to win Roneeís heart by inventing fictitious girlfriends? ďSheila,Ē indeed! Martin: [floundering] Itís none of your business, and... you werenít supposed to hear it! Frasier: Well, I did hear it. Martin: No, you overheard it. Itís like an illegal wiretap - itís inadmissible! Martin stalks to his room, Frasier follows him. Frasier: Dad, you cannot build a relationship on lies! Martin: Inadmissible! Frasier: Dad! Martin: IN-ADMISSIBLE! Frasier: Fine! There is the sound of two doors slamming, Martinís and then Frasierís. The powder room door opens - and Niles stiffly comes out, looking very embarrassed. He exits the apartment. END OF ACT ONE ACT TWO Scene Four - Cafť Nervosa Daphne and Niles are seated together at a table. Daphne: Why canít your father just go to the concert by himself? Niles: Because Alfred Antin will be offended if we donít use his tickets, and then he wonít paint our nursery. [pleading] Donít you want to be the one to go with him? Daphne: Forget it, Niles. We flipped a coin, and you were the doo- wop-a-loser. Martin enters. Martin: Hey, Niles. Ready to bob-bob-she-bob? Niles: [rises in horror] Oh, dear God. Is it a dance? Am I going to have to move about? Martin: No, you donít have to, but youíre going to want to. Niles: [one last try] Daphne? Daphne: Iím pregnant. Niles: What does that have to do with it? Daphne: Itís my blanket excuse until the baby is born. After that, itíll be, ďI canít leave the baby.Ē Get used to it. Martin starts to exit, as Ronee enters with a man. This is Richard. His hair is also white, but his greater height and lack of a cane are glaringly obvious - at least to Martin. Ronee: Marty, hi. Martin: Ronee, hey. Ronee: Oh uh, this is Richard. [introducing] Martin, Daphne, Niles. They all shake hands, ad-libbing hellos. Richard: So how do you all know each other? Martin: Well, uh... Niles: Ronee was my baby-sitter. I was a little monster. Richard: [to Martin] And you? Martin: Um... Roz enters. Martin grabs her. Martin: Sheila! Where have you been? He embraces her, as she looks bewildered. Martin: This is my date, Sheila. [to Roz] Got stuck at work, huh? [he says gently nodding his head] Roz: Uh, yeah? Martin: Sheilaís a model. She does all those big auto and RV shows. [to Roz] Point to something. Roz opens her hand and motions outward. Ronee: Wow, impressive. Nice meeting you. [steers Richard to the counter] Letís get ours to go. Richard: Oh, but I thought... Ronee: Roll with the punches, Dick. They turn to the counter. Roz sits with Martin. Roz: What are you doing? Martin: Iím trying to make her jealous. Just go with it. Roz: But Iím meeting my own date here. Niles: Dad, the concert starts in fifteen minutes, and Alfred Antin will be very angry if weíre late. Martin: Well, I canít leave unless Sheila comes with me. Roz: Hello? Sheila has a date. Niles: Thatís it. [plucks the tickets out of Martinís pocket; to Daphne] You and I are going. Daphne: [groans] Oh, do we have to? Niles: Yes. [gets her up] Daphne: Do we really need clouds on the ceiling? Couldnít we just push the crib closer to the ceiling? Niles: Why even use a crib? Letís put him in a pizza box! They exit. Martin notices Ronee looking their way, and laughs loudly, as though ďSheilaĒ just made a joke. Roz: Stop it! Martin: Oh, you - work with me here! Roz: Okay, okay... She leans in as he kisses her deeply - as her date, Larry, enters. Larry: Roz? Roz: [breaks apart] Larry, hi. This is my dad. Martin shakes his hand and ad-libs a hello. Larry: Hello. You brought your dad on our date? Roz: Oh, of course not. He was just leaving, arenít you, Dad? Martin: Yeah, but not until I finish my coffee. Roz: [looks] You donít have any coffee. Martin: Uh, get me one, would you, Larry? Before Larry can do so, Frasier enters. Frasier: Dad, what are you doing here? Hi, Roz. [sees Larry] Uh, hello. Larry: Hi. [to Roz] Is your brother joining us too? Roz: Heís not my brother. Martin: Oh now, thatís no way to be. [she gives him a scalding glare] Still waiting on that coffee, Lar. Larry turns to the counter. Frasier, who, after eleven years has lost his ability to be surprised at setups like this, wearily pulls out a chair. Frasier: Okay, what the hellís going on? Martin: Nothing. Ronee and Richard get their coffee. Ronee: Hi, Frasier. Frasier: Oh, hi, Ronee. Ronee: See you, Marty, Sheila. Martin: Take care, bye. Ronee and Richard exit. Frasier: So youíve been pressed into service as Sheila, hmm? Roz: [feels her cheek] Pressed is right - he nearly bit my lip off. Larry comes back with a cup for Martin. Larry: Here you go, Mr. Doyle. Martin: Ah, thanks. Roz: Come on, Larry, weíre leaving. Larry: It was nice meeting you, Mr. Doyle. And you can owe me on that coffee - it was $3.75 and I flipped a quarter in the tip jar. Roz: Iíll be home early, Dad. They leave, Roz grimacing as she now knows everything she needs to know before her date has begun. Frasier: Dad, when are you going to stop playing games and tell her how you feel? Martin: Itís too soon. Weíve only been seeing each other a few weeks. I donít want to scare her off. Frasier: How do you know youíre going to scare her off? Martin: Well, look at her, Fras. Sheís young, sheís got all these guys after her. Iím lucky she even gave me a second glance. I donít want to blow it by looking like some desperate old guy with no options. Frasier: Itís not desperate to tell somebody how you feel about them. Martin: What if she doesnít feel the same way? Frasier: What if she does and you never find out? Martin has no answer to that. Frasier: Dad... just give her a call and tell her you want to talk to her. Martin is silent... then lets out a quiet grunt. Frasier: Was that a ďleave me aloneĒ grunt, or a ďyouíve bested me again, son, with your unassailable logicĒ grunt? Again, Martin is silent, and again lets out a little grunt. Frasier: I thought so. He folds his arms with a self-satisfied look. FADE TO: Scene Five - Apartment Itís late at night, and Martin is watching TV. Frasier enters. Frasier: Hey, Dad. What are you watching? Martin: Sports wrap-up. Frasier: Sports wrap-up? Oh, that sounds like fun. Martin looks at him in surprise, as Frasier sits on the couch. Frasier: [watching] Oof! [chuckles] Oh, gosh, thatís not very sportsmanlike. Martin: [realizing] I called her, okay? Not that itís any of your business. Frasier: So? Martin: [turns off the TV] I left a message. Iím glad she wasnít there, I donít know what Iíll say if she calls back. Frasier: Well, you did the right thing, Dad. I am proud of you. Martin: I donít know. The whole thingís making me nervous. You know, I know why sheís not calling me back. She just doesnít know how to tell me sheís dropping me for Richard. The doorbell rings. Frasier gets up to answer it. Frasier: Well, who said anything about dropping you? Martin: No one, apparently, or you would have overheard it. Frasier makes a little ďwell, rightĒ gesture, then opens the door to Ronee. Frasier: Oh hi, Ronee. Ronee: Hi, Frasier. Martin rises in surprise. Martin: Ronee, I didnít expect to see you tonight. Ronee: Well, I got your message, and I was in the neighborhood. So, whatís up? Martin opens his mouth - and looks at Frasier. Frasier: Oh, uh... I was just heading out. Ronee: What, at this hour? I never thought you were such a night owl. Frasier: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I love clubbiní. Frasier grabs his car keys and exits. Martin: I-I thought youíd just call. Ronee: Well, you know, I was going to, but it sounded like maybe we needed to talk face-to-face. Martin: Yeah. Pause. Ronee: Marty, is this about that woman I saw you with tonight? Martin: Well... kind of. Ronee: Yeah, I thought so. Another pause - when we can see, though Martin cannot, that Ronee is afraid sheís about to be dumped. Ronee: Look, whatever it is, why donít you just come out and say it? Martin: Yeah, all right. Well, um... Iím not the kind of guy who... hey, you want a beer? Ronee: Oh boy, do I need one? Martin: [heading to the kitchen] No, I think we could both use one. He heads into the kitchen. The doorbell rings. Martin: [from the kitchen] Oh, would you get that? Frasier probably forgot his key. Ronee: Yeah, sure. She opens the door to - Roz! Ronee: Oh, Sheila. I kind of thought your date was over. Roz doesnít know sheís not supposed to be acting anymore. Roz: Well... maybe it is... [sultry] maybe it isnít. Ronee: Gotcha. Uh, just tell Marty: message received. Roz: [not getting it] Okay. Ronee leaves. Martin comes back in with two beers. Martin: Hey Roz, what are you doing here? Roz: I found Frasierís money clip. [holds it up] Is he home? Martin: No, uh-huh. [looks around] Whereís Ronee? Roz: Oh, donít worry. [ďpointsĒ to the door] ďSheilaĒ showed Ronee the door. Martin: What?! [rushes to the door] What the hell did you do that for?! Roz: [after him] Hey, I have no control over what Sheila does. FADE TO: Scene Six - Parking Garage Frasier is walking toward his car in the garage, talking on his mobile. Frasier: Oh good, Niles, youíre back. How was the concert? Well, youíre the one who wanted that cloud mural. Iím sure Pope Julius had to jump through similar hoops to get Michelangelo to paint his ceiling. He stops when he sees Roneeís car, a red Cadillac coupe. Frasier: Dear God, I think Iíve just realized where I must have dropped my money clip - Roneeís car. She gave me a ride in it the day I lost it. [looks closer] Well, thatís irresponsible of her. Sheís left it open. He opens the passenger door to look inside. A man approaches - the owner of the car parked next to Roneeís. Man: Excuse me? Frasier: Oh yes, of course. Frasier gets into Roneeís car and closes the door to allow the other man into his car. Frasier: There we are. Man: Thank you. As the man drives off, Frasier stays in Roneeís car, looking on the floor and continuing to talk into his phone. Frasier: Anyway, I thought Iíd swing by and take us both out for a nightcap. All right, great. Not finding his clip, he climbs into the back seat. Frasier: Oh, by the way, Niles, I spoke with Dad, and he has taken our advice about talking things over with Ronee. Mine and yours, thatís what I mean by ďour!Ē Oh, take some responsibility for once in your life, man! Outside, Ronee is stalking to her car, as Martin runs after her. Hearing them coming, Frasier panics, trapped again. Ronee: You could have at least warned me that Sheila was on her way up! Martin: Ronee, itís all a misunderstanding- Ronee: Marty, I really donít want to hear it! Martin: Well, youíre going to hear it, because Iím not leaving! She ignores him and opens her door. Martin: Fine, just get in the car if you want to. [opens the passenger door and gets in beside her] Weíre just going to sit right here until you hear it all. As they get in and shut the doors, Frasier has no choice but to huddle on the floor. Ronee: Okay, go ahead. But you better make it good, because I have a finely tuned crap-ometer. Martin: There is no Sheila. Her nameís Roz. Sheís Frasierís secretary. I just pretended we were together. Ronee: Forget it, Marty. Martin: No, I know how this sounds, but itís true. Ronee: Why would you do that? Martin: Because I had gotten these concert tickets to impress you, and then when you said you had a date, I got... well, I got jealous so I said I was getting a date too, and then there you were in Nervosa, and when Roz came in, I made her Sheila. [pause] Do you believe me? Ronee: You know, itís actually a little hot. In the back, Frasier is shocked. Martin: [grinning] Really? [then] Look, Ronee, uh, maybe Iím old- fashioned, but I know when something feels right. I donít want to see anybody else. I want to be exclusive, go steady, whatever they call it now. Well, thatís my story. What about you? Ronee: [sighs] Well... God, itís freezing in here! I had a blanket. Frasierís eyes widen in horror again. As she reaches blindly into the backseat, he hurriedly gropes around for the blanket, and passes it into her hand. [N.B. See [2.17], ďDaphneís RoomĒ for a similar predicament.] Ronee wraps herself in the blanket. Ronee: Okay. Since weíre being honest, well, I-Iíve done my share of dating, and I havenít always made the best choices. Iíve dated the bad guys, the guys who canít commit, the guys who wonít grow up, the creeps with the nice suit, the pathological liars... Martin: Okay, I got it. Ronee: Anyway, and then I started dating this really good guy - you. He beams at her. Ronee: And I guess I-I just wanted to keep my options open with Richard because I wasnít sure how you felt about me. But now I am. They lean into each other and kiss. Frasier dares to stick his head up, but they do not notice him. Ronee: Now would be the time to put your class ring on a chain around my neck. Martin: [playfully] Well, I got one upstairs. Want to come get it? They get out of the car. Frasier sighs in relief and sits up in the backseat, starting to work out how to get out... Ronee: Wait, wait... Frasier freezes as Martin and Ronee talk to each other over the hood of the car. Ronee: Iíve got a better idea. I know this secluded beach thatís miles away from anything. You want to go there and steam up the windows? Martin: Oh, yeah. Frasier has no choice but to duck down again. As they get back in and Ronee starts the car, he buries his face as deep as possible. END OF ACT TWO Credits: Roz and her date are in Nervosa. As they are finishing and get the check, he pulls out a calculator and starts to split the bill. Roz makes up an excuse to leave the table, and she begins to sneak out. As she approaches the door, she looks back on him, still puzzling over how to split the bill. She waves her hand at him dismissively and exits.

Guest Appearances

 Special Guest Star
 Guest Starring
 EDDIE BOWZ as Larry
 JAMES KIRIYAMA-LEM as Man in Garage
 C.J. JAMES and ALAN "SPO" SCHWARTZ as Deaf Customers

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