Karen Page

Name: Karen Page

Alias: She went by 'Paige Angel' when she worked at a radio station called WFSK.

First appearance: Daredevil #1.

Died in: Daredevil #5 (vol.2)

: Secretary, former porn star and radio show host.

Karen and Matt in the early days, after DD's battle with the Submariner in DD #7.

Friends: Matt Murdock (Daredevil, former lover) still cared about her even after she sold out his secret ID to the Kingpin. Foggy Nelson was also her friend.

Enemies: Karen often played the part of the damsel in distress, and was kidnapped by a variety of villains. The one who finally did her in, however, was Bullseye, with DD's billyclub to the skull.

Favorite quote: "Daredevil, okay? There, I said it. I said the name. And he's got another name. And it's written down right here. You want it or not?" -- Karen, after becoming a desperate heroin junkie, sells Daredevil's secret ID to one of Kingpin's cronies for a heroin fix.

Created by: Bill Everett and Stan Lee.

: Karen was the secretary for the firm where Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson first worked, and later was Matt's lover. After discovering Matt's identity as Daredevil, she broke up with him and left her job to find fame and fortune as an actress. Unfortunetly, she ended up a despondent heroine addict and a porn actress. Desperate for a fix, she sold Matt's secret to the Kingpin and returned to New York to discover his life in ruins. Though he was angry over her betrayal of his trust, Matt forgave her and helped her get her life back together, and she got a job as a radio show host. However, life still had its share of tragidies in store for her. Not long after Karen discovered she had AIDs, she was struck by the Kingpin's assasin, Bullseye, and killed.

Powers: Karen had no super-powers of any kind, aside from good secretarial skills, and whatever skills it takes to be a porn actress.

Favorite storyline: Born Again, the Daredevil saga which redefined both Karen and Matt. Daredevil's life falls apart after he discovers his ex-girlfriend has sold him out for drugs to support her addiction! Ouch!

Karen Page, R.I.P.

Where can she be seen?: Uh, she's dead. Really dead. And somehow, I doubt she'll be coming back. She was, however, a fairly regular guest star in Daredevil's own title. She might pop up in a flashback or two, and you can check back issues for her too.

Karen Page links: Sorry, I don't have anywhere to refer you. While fellow DD femmes Elektra and Black Widow are fairly well represented on the 'Net, there is a severe absence of Karen info.

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