Of course, you're not just going to stop here - I accepted this fact a long time ago, so here's a few places of interest that I visit regularly. Please pardon me if you stop by, and I'm there and I don't recognize you.

Video Games & Emulation

DMG Ice: Serious Game Boy.
GameFAQs: Fanmade coverage for thousands of games.
IGN Codes: Codes and strategies as far as the mouse can click.
Nintendo: The official Nintendo of America website.
Nintendojo: Excellent video game news.
OverClocked ReMix: Video game music ReMixing made cool.
RPGamer: The role-playing gamer's site.
Video Game Music Archive: Far too many game music MIDI files for anybody's good health.
Zany Video Game Quotes: A winner is you! To start push! All your base are belong to us!
Zophar's Domain: Emulation News & File Source.

Transformers: More than meet the eye!

The Allspark: We are one. News straight from Cybertron.
Ben's World of Transformers: Transformers fansite featuring TV show synposes and reviews.
Dave's Transformers Page: Featuring an excellent, frequently-updated sightings list for current toys.
TFormers: Cybertron news site, in the same league as The Allspark.
Transformers: Hasbro's official site.

Miscellaneous Humour & Fun

Bad Movies: Where Mystery Science Theater 3000 leaves off...! There is a chisel in my dog!
Homestar Runner!: It's dot com! Strong Bad definitely recommends checking out his awesome emails.
Larry the Cable Guy: Git-R-Done!'s Pixel Pals: The end of 8-bit innocence.
"Weird Al" Yankovic: The world's premiere parodist presents AL: The Online Version.

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