The World Affiars Athenaeum was established in 1999 as a means of continuing the intellectual environment of the Conference on World Affiars throughtout the year.  Notable guests such as Werner Herzog, Susan Faludi, Patch Adams and Richard Rodiquez have not only inspired students, but have also found the Athenaeum to be a personally rewarding and exhilierating experience.

Athenaeum guests reside in Boulder for two to three days and are escorted by two athenaeum fellows (Ryan and Walter) who are responsible for planning events and providing hospitality.  The Athenaeum is an integration of ideas with ideals, drawing together students from various schools and colleges on the CU campus.

Athenaeum events are comprised of symposia, dinners with students, and personal exchanges between students and speakers-events inspired by the academic institutions of Ancient Greece.  In the same way that students once mingled with at the dinner table with Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, they now enjoy the stimulation of academic feasting with the likes of Peter Copeland, Frances Moore lappe, Werner Herzog, Dierdre McCloskey and Patch Adams.

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