Welcome to my Website!
Hi! My name is Diane McHugh. I am a 37 year old stay-at-home mom of 8 year old twin boys, Matthew and Jacob and 6 yr. old boy, Noah. I am also the wife of Shawn (14 years now!).

Some of my interests and/or hobbies include reading, wildlife photography, movies, Blue Tongued Skinks, scrapbooking and playing with my kids! :-)

I'm a stay-at-home mom by day and a part-time Operations Asst. for a freight delivery company by night. I plan to get back to my roots and get back into veterinary asst. work when the kids get back to school in the fall. Click on the picture below to visit my online Avon store. Register and shop any time! You can also sign up to sell Avon there as well!

Feel free to take a peak at our Family Photo Album by clicking on the teddy bear. It's a little outdated but bear with me as I update...

Take care and thanks for stopping by!  

Our Family Photo Album
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