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This site is obviously under construction, but hopefully it will eventually house all my fanfiction stories, maybe some by other authors, and other stuff that I feel like adding. Probably stuff about my favourite shows and such. Well...that's what I'll say anyway...I really have no idea what will end up being here. Oh, and I am an extreme beginner in HTML, so please excuse any mistakes that occur in the formatting


A little about me:

I don't know what the use of this section is, but I figured I need something up here for people to read until I get around to building this for real. Anyway, I am a teenager, female, and I live in Australia. I love both reading and writing and seem to spend most of my time doing one of these two acticities. I also play the clarinet, not that anyone cares about that little detail, since technically this site is supposed to be about tv shows and fanfiction. And, I haven't added anything much to this in over a year, so I think it's time for an overhaul now. I shall try and make everything look less simplistic, promise :D Well, unless I frget again, of course.

Fanfiction I write

Since this site was technically created so I would have somewhere other than to post my stories, I guess I should tell you a little about them. I write in quite a few fandoms but the most predominant of these are Buffy the VampireSlayer, Charmed and CSI. I have to say that I am quite often a slack updater, often due to my life interfering and not having enough time to write anything!

My fanfiction Stories

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Email me if you want to know anything ;)
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