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Here's looking towards more of you.

Hello and welcome! This is my small art site, which I use mostly for hosted images that I can use else where, but if you want to take a look around, please do. I also appreciate comments, so if you want to send me an eMail, my address is "[email protected]"

•NEWS: 05/06/06 -10:47:PM •

In today's news, I've started sketching again. ^_^ That's always good news, right? Any how, I've uploaded what I have. Lots of school girl action. O_o I think I'm actually getting better. ^.^;

That's all for now, let's hope I can get up the nerve to do more!


All content of this web site belongs rightfully to Wyatt Mustful. All art in the art section is drawn and cataloged by Wyatt Mustful. Please do not pirate these as your own images. If you do, and I catch you... Well, there's not much I can do to you, but I will try and do my best to bite you or something!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Found the location of the three Triforce pieces?
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