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Nick Names

Nica (nicapooh)

Monique Crooked - This one comes from my best friends family and the crooked part is from my maiden name Strait

Tweety - this one is from my aunt Sally when I was 3 I had yellow pajamas and she said it made me look like tweety bird

T-Bird - My cousin called himself icebox or something like it, I think he wanted to sound like a tough gang boy... anyway he decided to take my aunts nickname of Tweety bird and shorten it to T-Bird

Doll - From my dad since I was a baby

Dynamite - This one came from my Grandma Coons and her husband when I was 4

Monkey Lynn - From my Uncle Robert, not sure where it came from, monkeying around? maybe

Mo, Momo, Mon - The General manager I worked with at Rallys

Silent - Wiccan friends

Moni - A friend in early elementary and a manager at Rallys

Crazy - my bestfriend was "Sexy" and my cousin was "Cool" Obviously from the TLC days, Kids!

Martha - My best friend and a few others of our friends gave each other names, all of which sounded like old lady names. There was also Ida, Edna and Margaret. Truthfully I have no idea now why we did it.

Babyface - Ralph aka "Legs" Hank - Jenny - Mrs. Wiffle

Pet Peeves

Bad drivers - bad parents - over oppinionated people - prejudice - stupid people - bad maners - being ignored or interuppted


Singing!! - Reading - Writing - Crafts - Cooking - Collecting Recipies - Collecting Art online - Swiming - Photography - Playing Games (card games, board games, rpg, the sims)

Growing up I wanted to be a:

Teacher - Dancer - Princess - Daisy Duke (Not the Jessica Simpson version, puke!)

Places I've been:

Disney World and MGM Studios in Florida - Kentucky - Wapakinetta, Ohio (accidental vacation), Indiana and Illinois.

Concerts I've been to:

Color me bad - Alan Jackson - Wynonna Judd - Ted Nugent - Tim McGraw - Savage Garden - 98* - Reba - Lizard Fair (Jessica Simpson and 8 or 9 others)

Places I'd like to see:

Ireland - Egypt - Caves - An Ocean

Favorite Quotes:

"Life is what you make it so add a lot of sugar"

Awards or Recognition:

Dean's List, Phi Theta Kappa

Fads I've bought into:

jellie shoes - sparkle bracelets - jean jacket - line dancing - macarena - Tae Bo


helping people (sometimes too much)
being a perfectionist (which annoys my husband, sorry)
Cracking my knuckles
Singing (Its also a hobby but I do it all the time, driving, working, cleaning, or in the shower it doesn't matter. One time my mother told me I was sleeping in a chair in the living room as a child and sung the theme song to a tv show in my sleep)

Interesting Facts:

Currently writing a novel
First Degree Wiccan Priestess
Plays Violin
Played Basketball in school
When I was a teenager I saved the life of a little boy who was drowning


White Chocolate
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Cooked chunks of tomato
Tomato Soup

Childhood Memories

My grandparents lived less than a mile away when I was growing up and they have a farm so I sort of grew up on a farm. When I was old enough I helped butcher chickens, cows and pigs. I also pulled weeds in the garden, milked and fed cows and snuck grapes from the vines with my cousins.

My Great Grandma Brownell was always kniting and crocheting. She made scarves and these cute little head wraps with flowers, it made me feel like a princess. Because she was in a wheel chair for as long as I can remember she couldnt do much but she loved to play games. I remember sitting at the table for hours with her and my Grandma Coons and my cousin Hazel playing Skip Bo, Scrable, Aggrivation and dice games.

Making a fort out of a fallen tree just inside the edge of the woods behind our house. We even used a smaller tree nearby for a "Look out", and bounced on the branches of the fallen tree.

Going to the school to play softball or basket ball with my cousins and uncles
Building and painting a play house with my dad
Tearing down our old house by hand
Playing on the wood chunks in the yard before they where split for firewood
Writing group stories with friends
Making hills and tracks to drive the three wheeler over
Working on cars with my dad
Playing "Don't wake the ghosts" in Grandma Coons basement
Playing house and school
Tea parties with Hazel and Aunt B
Pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, ducks, rabbits, mice, ferrett, birds
My cat Gizmo's many litters of kittens, some who were deformed
Climbing the rose trellis to sit on the roof and look around the neighborhood
Catching frogs, snakes, lightning bugs and butterflies
Spending the night at Grandma Jacobs with Tomi, Kristy and April and sneaking out to the kitchen to snack while everyone was sleeping
Pretending I was part of a singing group with my cousins and having concerts for the adults in my grandma's front yard
Me, Tomi and Kristy trying to run away from April and hide
Sneaking Apples, grapes, and veggies from my grandparents gardens
Tomi's Accident outside our house after we had been looking at stones


Harvey's Lawn and Tree Service - This was my dad's business and I worked with him before I was old enough to work anywhere else. I started out raking leaves and mowing grass when I was older I helped with trees. I did the roping while he was in the tree cutting. I also moved wood and brush and loaded the trucks. Only a few times did I use the chainsaw or wood splitter.

Sugnet preprimary (Volunteer) Teachers aid
Happy Days preschool (Volunteer) Teachers aid
Carpenter Elementary Kindergarden (Volunteer) Teachers Aid
KFC - I was a cashier for less than a month but it was my first actual job.
McDonalds - Cashier
Circle and Midland Bowling - I worked the desk during the week and tended bar on Friday's.
Rallys - Manager
Kmart - Cashier and food prep
Bobbies Corner - Clerk for the convenience store
Clark Gas station - clerk in Michigan city and South Haven
Popeyes - Manager in Hobart
Burger King - 3 days (Hobart)
Mothers Time out - Teacher's aid (Valparaiso)
TriCity Foam - I worked as a crew person, blowing celulose insulation into houses and buildings and hanging fiberglass insulation.
Holiday Inn - Houskeeping and room inspection
American Maintenance - Crew person

Delta College - Currently working toward a Associates Degree in Computer Science Technology followed by a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science.


Purple and Black
Anne Rice - Laurell K Hamilton - Stephen King - Dean Koontz - Poppy Z Brite - Phyllis A. Whitney - Nora Roberts
Movies Its a wonderful Life - Holiday Inn - Julia Roberts movie - Lion King - Underworld - Practical Magic - All Harry Potters
Food Chicken - Chinese food - New York Strip - Mushrooms - Garlic - Chocolate anything
Games Frogger - Pac Man - King Kong - Popeye - Spider - Skip Bo - Uno - Monopoly - Scategories - Scruples - Sims - Hearts
TV Shows Charmed - Desperate Housewives - Family Guy - Pushing Daisies - Dancing with the stars - Lost - Psych - Monk - Gilmore Girls - Grey's Anatomy
Childhood Toys Cabbage Patch kid - Super Grover Doll - Barbies - Fonzi Action figure - Big Wheel - Walking Anita doll
Ice Cream Phish Food - Chocolate
Drinks Diet Soda (Coke, mug etc) - Mocha Frappacino - Chocolate Shake - fuzzy navel (rarely) - strawberry daiquiri (at red lobster)
Time of Year December because it holds Christmas, New Years eve and my birthday.
Scents Vanilla - burning wood - bread baking - Warm chocolate - chocolate chip cookies baking.
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