Charles Christopher
February 26th

Pet Peeves


Growing up I wanted to be a: A Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox

Places I've been:

Places I'd like to see: Hawaii ~ Caymen Islands

Favorite Quotes: "Fuck off and have a pleasant Day" ~ "Peace, Love, dope. now get the hell out of here." ~ "that's fucked up like a soup sandwich" ~ "Excuse me sir if we kill all thr golfers whos going to play golf..gopher you idiot"

Awards or Recognition:numerous Firefighter and Paramedic Certificates

Fads I've bought into:lame websites

Habits:Chweing My nails and Smoking

Things you may not know: I'm currently attending barber school ~ I am a neat freak ~ I can't stand having my hair messed up ~ My father was killed in a nasty semi-truck accident


Color ~ Dark Lue

Movies ~ The Natural ~ radio ~ ladder 49 ~ Rocky movies ~ Full Metal Jacket ~ Saving Private Ryan ~ Field of Dreams

Food ~ Lobster

TV Shows ~ Rescue Me ~ Will and Grace ~ Everybody Loves Raymond ~ Miami Ink

Childhood toys ~ Wiffle Balls & Bats ~ Any other sporting good that I could fin ~ Atari ~ Nintendo ~ Play Station

Ice Cream ~ not big on ice cream unless it's Peanut Buster Parfait with chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen

Drink ~ Corona with 2 lime slices

Time of Year ~ Baseball and Golf season.

Scents ~


Childhood Memories I'll never forget the time Duane and Julia planned the dead f*** thing for me ~ thinking my buddy had my back in a fight only to look over and see him locking the car doors, with me still outside. ALONE!! (Brian) ~ playing the error game in the back yard of the Newlins ~ the 89 Orioles 0-19 Baseball season during Little League ~ Breaking my wrist in the only game we were winning while stealing 3rd base.

Nick Names

Critterfur ~ Ramjet ~ Hollywood ~ Daddo's


Hotel Maintenance ~ Video Store Geek ~ life guard at Portage Jellystone Park ~ glass glazer ~ E.M.T. ~ FIREFIGHTER & PARAMEDIC with the PORTAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT ~ Soon to be Barber

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