Billy Wayne
December 10th

Pet Peeves

cashiers who sit and bs and don't even see you standing there


playing nintendo and watching tv

Growing up I wanted to be a: Cop

Places I've been: ky, pa, nc, wv, va, md

Places I'd like to see: ca, italy, hawaii

Favorite Quotes: ""

Awards or Recognition:

Fads I've bought into:

Habits:leaving the kitchen chair out, smoking, not hearing people or just not listening, biting my nails

Things you may not know: I'm a softie when it comes to my kids

Color ~ red
Movies ~ a man apart, meet the parents, dazed and confused, tombstone
Food ~ pizza, subway, taco bell, chinese
TV Shows ~ worlds most amazing videos, cops, worlds wildest police chases, hot pursuit
Childhood toys ~ gi joes, tonka trucks, nintendo, bike
Ice Cream ~ chocolate
Drink ~ Mt Dew
Time of Year ~ Spring
Scents ~ baking cake and blueberry muffins

snow, mud, dogs (except eve), salesmen, jahovah's witnesses at my door

Childhood Memories

Nick Names

jr., dale, #8


let's see.. i've welded, framed houses, roofing, security, domnioes, burger king, food lion, little ceaser's, pest control, maintainance, cement masonry, flower salesman, lumber handler, forklift driver
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