The Newlin Dictionary is filled with words used by family and friends and have just become a part of our vocabulary or at least something funny that we want to remember. If you have a good word feel free to to email me with it.
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Boogaloogala (Duane & Julia) = Good night.
Origin. When Julia was little she couldn't say good night in Spanish so it came out this way and has just stuck ever since.
USED IN A SENTANCE. Boogaloogala, love you.

Boogerin (as a verb) (Monica) = When a booger flies from your nose in an accidental manner.
USED IN A SENTANCE. I was just talking to Bob I saw him booger on the floor.

Digitalia (Duane and Monica) = When your cell phone turns from roaming to digital settings so you can make a phone call. USED IN A SENTANCE. Woo Hoo I got digitalia.

EEEEEEEEE (FELLAS) = FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Over the years I have learned this is very hard to explain to anyone. I guess the best way to define it is much the same as the word aloha, it can be used many ways: to say HI, just out of the blue, when excited, when someone says something lame or stupid, or whenever you want really. EEEEEEEE usually stands alone and is as much a sentance as it is a word.

Ima Hafta (Duane & Trippin)= Something you have to do.
USED IN A SENTANCE. Ima Hafta do the laundry in about 30 minutes.

Pinukolo (Duane & Monica)(puh knuckle oh)= New name for Pinocchio.
ORIGIN = After watching Shrek 2 Duane struggled to find Pinocchios name.
USED INA SENTANCE. Pinukolos a real boy.

Hoark (Trippin) = Eating your food quickly. USED IN A SENTANCE.
I was in a hurry so I had to Hoark down my food before I was late for work.

Pornin (Duane) = The act of searching through a porn site for a pic or movie that turns you on enough to make you want to get yourself off.
USED IN A SENTANCE. Bob waited for his kids and wife to go to bed so he could go pornin.

Rememberative (AJ) = The act of remembering. ORIGIN Talking to AJ on the phone in 2005.
USED IN A SENTANCE. Sometimes I have trouble being rememberative.

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