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Can I use my driver license in Nicaragua?

   You can use your driver license for 30 days after entering the country. Staying longer requires you get your Nicaraguan driver license at the office.

How to exchange my currency into Cordoba?

   You can exchange your money in the BanPro ban branch at the airport (mom to Fri 8:30 to 12:00-13:00 to 16:00, Sat 8:30 to 11:45). In front of the airport, you can exchange money at lass Mercedes hotel. Most Bank (Mon to Fri 8:00 to 12:00-13:00 16:30, Sat 9:00 to 12:00) exchange American Dollars. You can change other currencies in some other banks. Currency

Can I exchange Traveler Checks?  

   You can exchange traveler checks in the next banks branches: Bancentro, Banco de Finanza (only American Express). Other banks also exchanges travellercheck with some restrictions. Remember you receipt but never keep it in the same place you keep the checks.  

Can I use credit cards in Nicaragua?

   Most places accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. American Express is nor prevalent although there is an office in Managua. In the Visa and MasterCard local offices you can get cash advances as well.

How can I call abroad?

   Most hotels after long distance calls through the local telephone company (ENITEL) There are some other operator and collect services. 164,174, MCI,166,167 SPRINT 161,171 Canada 168 Germany 169 The Netherlands 177 United kingdom 175.

Is Nicaragua a safe country? 

   Although the hard time lived in Nicaragua some years ago, Nicaragua is considered the most peaceful and safest Central American country. However as in any other country you must attend some basic cautions. Do not walk through dark places in the nights, keep attended all your belongings when you are out, do not carry large amounts of cash. If your credit cards are loosen, give immediate notice to the local representative. it is better to use the hotel taxi. You can also ask for a taxi by phone with some companies you will find on the local yellow pages. You should use red plaques taxi as they are officially recognized. White plaque Taxi are any people how use their car as a taxi.

Should I keep my passport with me all the time?

It is better to carry a photocopy instead of the passport except for entering or leaving the country of course.

What happen If I decide to stay longer than the Visa allows?

   You must apply for a Visa extension at the office (505) 2-49-29-81. Bring your passport and previous visa.

Are there tropical diseases in Nicaragua?

   As Nicaragua is a tropical country you are exposed to tropical diseases when you visit hot humid selvatic and remote zones. Is not common to get infected of these diseases when staying in cities and towns. If you plan to visit rainforests, bring fresh clothes that cover most of your body and an insect repellent. It is also recommendable to visit your doctor or a traveler's clinic before leaving for more advice, specially if you plan to visit remote zones or rainforests.

What kind of clothes should I use?

   Nicaragua is a hot country, bring fresh clothes. If you plan to go to mountains zone (north) bring a pull over or light jackets as it becomes colder, specially at night. It is necessary to bring a raincoat and water-proof boots when visiting rainforests. When going to tracking it is better to use trousers and long sleeves shirts to avoid scratches caused by bushes

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