Author: Muluwork Asrat
Muluwork Asrat, author of NIBUT, is a graduate of Addis Ababa University  in 1984 (B.A degree in Sociology and Social Admnistration), Ethiopia. Since then the author has been working as social worker for Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Chidrens' Amba and different governmental and non-governmental organization in Ethiopia.

In 1992, the author came to the United States and joined Loyola University for one year training in cultural exchange programme. Then after,  she has been working for different social service agencies as social worker in Chicago area. Muluwork  has utilized her sociology background and extensive experince she had as social worker both in Ethiopia and the United States to reflect the social, cultural and economic realities characterizing most Ethiopian women as indicated in NIBUT. The writing up of NIBUT began while the author was in Ethiopia, and it was fanialzed as of March, 2001 in the United States.

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