Name --- NiB_iGC

Age --- Quite old

Sex --- Not even when I'm willing to pay... oh... I mean Male

Nick Names --- "Spike", "Snoodles", "Tim", "Captain Pookie Face", "The Dark One Who’s Name We Dare Not Speak", and "Hey you Faggot" "Seaman Apprentice".

Sexual orientation --- anyone stupid enough to leave thier drink unattended.

Physical Appearance --- 6' 3". 685 lbs. Dark hair. Brown eyes. I'm a very sexy man... who just happens to be stuck in a not so sexy body. I'm tall, not in a dark and handsome kind of a way, more like a "Hi. My name is Lurch, and I work up at the old Adams family's place" kind of a way. I wear nothing but black. My teeth are small and pointy, And my hair sticks straight up. Atop that, I currently have Mount ST. Helens growing out my forehead.

Occupation --- Blissfully Unemployed

Place of Birth --- Uncertain

Current Residence --- Still Uncertain

Pass Times --- Making small children cry. Pushing over old ladies on the street. Trying on funny hats. Violently over throwing governments in small third world countries. Playing Xbox at the bottem of the ocean

Favorite book --- Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Favorite Movie --- Ghost in the Shell

Favorite Music --- Industrial/Goth

Favorite Care Bear Cousin --- Swift Heart Rabbit

Favorite Deadly Brain Parasite --- Toxoplasma gondii

Favorite Ruthless Dictator --- Vlad the Impaler

Turn ons --- Walks in the rain. Candle light. Gentle Kisses. Helpless Victorian women with fat neck veins.

Pet Peeves --- Organized Religion. People who laugh really loud at their own jokes. Anyone who fucks brainless pretty boys. Guido. Syphilis carrying sheep. The radio. Plastic Surgery. bastards who feel it necessary to e-mail me my spelling errors. Lame website bios. And the term Pet Peeves.

Perfect girl --- Long brown hair, or short blonde hair. almond eyes. Good sense of humor. Beautiful without make-up. Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Irish or french. And most important, she has to be smarter then I am.

Life Goals --- To rule all you lesser monkey-kin with an iron fist

Commonly asked questions ---
"What does Nib_Igc mean?"... It's CGI-BIN spelled backward. If I remember correctly a CGI-BIN is the virtual memory center of a server. I was over at my friend Nadia's house many years ago. When I decided to set up a new e-mail account. Normally a simple task, but not when your on enough LSD to kill a village of pigmys. When it came time to choose a user name, I had forgotten mine. Then I noticed the word CGI_BIN in the address bar... I'm not sure if I had originally intended to spell it backwards, but it looked cool, so I kept it.

"Are you on drugs?"... Oh ya!

"Why are you so depressed all the time?"... Because all you stupid people have invaded my beautiful little world and the normal store bought RAID won't get rid of all of you... I don't know... It's just always been like this. It's not that I hate myself... In fact I'm quite fond of me... It's just a wicked world. I've just kind of adapted to it.

"Is your dick really that small?"... I don't know, ask you mom.

"How long have you been writing for?"... I wasn't really literate till I was about fifteen, so about seven years now.

"What's up with your spelling?"... I am sadly inflicted with a plethora or writing and learning disabilities. I either spell extremely well or extremely poorly, it really depends on the day. And since I write almost exclusively on my website, everything is done in html, which is a pain in the nutz to spell check because of the code

"Were did you get the idea for Timothy Seventh?"... I've always been fascinated with modern Christian myth. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory are all really great places to base fiction around. I've been writing these kind of stories in my head long before I learned how to write. I've had this really great concept based around the angel of death, In fact a lot of these stories were going to be done with my angel character and not Tim. Then I decided I wanted to write about super hero, someone who wasn't really a born hero, more like a normal fuckhead who happened to be forced into a fantastic situation and found an inner strength that made him a true hero. Also I found early on that Death was a fun character to write about in general, except that his infallibility was really limiting... he's death for fuck sakes... there are only so many mistakes and failures a character like this can have. So I had a great story line in need of a more "human" character, and a not so super, super hero in need of a story. Originally I was going to find someone who could actually draw and make it a comic strip... that didn't really happen so I put it together like it is. I didn't really think anyone was going to like it... I was kind of writing it for my self... I thought it was funny as fuck... but I just made the assumption that everyone else would hate it... I guess I was wrong because I've had nothing but good feedback, and my friend Mikee might very well beat me to a pulp if I don't hurry up and finish the series. The name Timothy Seventh comes from my name. I stole this from jack kerouac. He used to name a lot of his lead characters with one of middle names, so he could put himself into his stories without sounding pretentious. Seventh is in reference to two things, first is the very significant prime number that is found in very important places in just about every mystical practice. Second is because when I started work on this I was living in a dump of a rental house on Seventh East in SLC. I was watching some stupid late night dating show, and one of the contestants was talking something about how you figure out what your porn name would be, apparently the rule is to take your middle name, and combine it with the name of the street you live on, e.g. Timothy Seventh. The other major characters names are thoughs of my close friends. Namely elguapo, Xandor, Primerbotz, Britt, the Oracle that has come to be known by though who know as Mikee, & so on.

"Is this Bio thing ever going to end, or are you going to be rattling on about shit no one is the least bit interested in for the rest of the afternoon?"... Um... no, I'm done.