that's it. i'm done.
mother fuckers pushed me too far.
all my words get twisted.
all this shit is old.
I've let it slide for too fucking long.
I've let this make a fool of me my whole life.
I'm done.
I'm sick of people walking over me. talking there shit.
spitting in my face.
I'm sick of lying girls. I'm sick of shit slinging guys.
I'm tired of jealousy. so fucking exhausted of plots.
Nothing I ever say comes out right.
even now your probably mis·in·ter·preting what I'm saying.
no this is not a personal attack on you.
No this has nothing to do with last night, or the thousand nights before.
this has nothing to do with love, or sex.
this is got nothing to do with what you said to me.
or what my ex-girlfriend did to me.
This is about honesty. something i'm fucking out of. I'm done.
I've got nothing left to say. nothing of substance.
fuck it

I have nothing left.
I'm done. 1