Hmmm... let's see where... where to begin...

oh... ya... you people really fucking piss me off.
I don't really know how else to say that. I'm sick of all these fake ass, so called freinds. Fuck all of you... except for my real freinds of course. Like El Guapo, Mikee... and um... Satan. All the rest of you can fuck right off... if you feel bad about what I'm telling you, and you want to get back under my good graces, I will accept tribute in the form of sex, cash, and drugs.

I'm sorry. It's been a rough couple of hours.

I'm just trying to keep it together... and the human race in general is not helping me with that... infact all you meek monkey kin are really starting to get on my bad side.

Yes, expecially you! 1