My blood has gone sourer... and my heart tires of pumping it. I'm going to die. And I'm probably going to do it myself. I'm sorry. I can no longer escape the feeling that criples me. No words will heal my wounds. I've been running in a circle, and it needs to stop.

I leave you all with a little truth. It's time to let go of the things that really don't matter. Put an end to your need for money, and material. Have meaningful relationships. Fall in love as often as possible. I need you all to do this for me. Because I'll never be apart of such things, you all need to live it for me. Love for me, laugh for me, smile for me, kiss for me, fuck for me... breathe for me, for I no longer have breath.

I would like to share something with you, concerning life. Your in hell... a purgatory of your own design... or rather, of OUR design. Since children we've been convinced that wickedness is unavoidable. Everything you learned was wrong. We do not exist in a fucked up world, a fucked up world exists in us. We're all gods. Individually we're little more then scared little monkeys. But together we run the universe. This world is completely under our control. We make it what we want. We're dreaming you see... life, this world, it's all in our heads. We decide what happens. We're in control. Doesn't anyone else see it. You are not a slave. Your just... well... stupid. We've enough wealth to sustain everyone on the planet. I'm not pretending that we're all ready to suddenly fall into a Utopia. We must start small. Each one of us, evertime you do something positive, even for just a moment, helps. We live in a world of war, waste and desiese. We can sweep that aside, as though it never happened. We need but to vanquish our institutions, religions, hate, predjudice, jelousy, and violence. Apathy destroys us. To waste another collective year, would be putting to flame our very flesh. We've all spent thousands of years murdering one another, and raping our planet... it's time to end.

The truth... we should be born into love, live long in paradise, and die very old. As I leave your world... it's with the knowledge that one day I will return. Perhaps next time, I'll be born into a dream, and not this nightmare. 1