I've noticed something.(observation #326-b) That I, and my fellow monkey-kin, have very fucked up ways of speaking to one another. We're expected to be very polite to total strangers, but it's acceptable to treat people we love like shit. We're all guilty of this, me included... In fact I'm probely a little more guilty then most people. I say and do things that could be considered, well, not good. And like most people, I really don't mean any harm. However I've no delusions that I cause harm anyways. I don't feel bad about this, everyone does the same thing to me, I just want it to change. I really enjoy being nice to the people I love. So let me take this time to apologize to all my freinds I've treated like shit over the years. I can't really promise it'll never happen again, but I'll try. Except for Guido of course... he's a puppy-blood-drinking bastered.