Thought for today///The hang over is worth it... last night was fucking cool

Customer service work is the single most difficult thing to deal with when you have a wicked bad hang over. Well acually working a jack hammer is probely the MOST difficult thing to deal with when one has a wicked bad hang over. However I've no experience with the latter, so i'm going to stick with the general suckiness of answering phones.
With that said... last night was fucking great! That's not something I say often so for those of you keeping score you might want to make a note. Guido's birthday party was awesome... such a positive evening... perhaps some details... umm... welll... acually the details are a little fuzzy at this point, that's part of what made it such a good night.

Leda and I are getting along incredible well... I think I like her and Jake(S^issy-ious W^ein^er-ness) alot better then her and Christian(B^ich-ious F^uckh^ead-ness). We just have such good chemistry inspite of all the animosity passed between us as of late. It's not hard to see how we stayed together for so long... with how much we have in common and how well we get along. I do miss her. Alot.

A certain someone I'm fond of told me she used to have a "thing" for me last night. I was a little stunned... I didn't think anyone ever had a "thing" for me... I just naturally assume if I like someone, they must find me totally repulsive. Gee... I'm starting to think that I might have a little low self esteem issue... call me crazy. Anyhoo that was a very groovie thing... even if it doesn't really go anywhere.

I've done my best to remain positive in the face of life's little delemas... that's such a strange thing coming out of my mouth... but it's working, sooo maybe I'll stick with it.

I spent alot of time doing nothing but spreading negativity... mostly I was just channeling all my problems to the people I came in contact with... as a result, friends these days are thin on the ground... it's time that I let go of my angst and make new friends, go on dates, and mend the relationships that I've damaged.

On this mourning after one of the best nights I've had in a long time... I've made a self discovery... I seem to be somehow, new... I am redefined. 1