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Why should you join GWTA   

You might be thinking as you ask this question. "I can enjoy riding alone why do I need GWTA?" The answer is, you don't. If you think it might be nice to find someone who also enjoys motorcycling to ride with we can fulfill that desire. That is our function, to bring people together who enjoy motorcycling. We offer our members a wide variety of activities both on and off the motorcycle all year long. This is all great but the most valuable thing our members receive through their membership in GWTA is stated proudly in our motto:

"Destination Friendship".

The cost of joining the GWTA is $25.00 U.S. a year for a single membership and $35.00 U.S. a year for a family membership. The family membership includes two adult and their unmarried children still residing in the household regardless of age. Generally, there are no "dues" payable to associate with a Chapter, although each Chapter may charge a nominal fee for their Newsletter. When you join our organization, you may attend the meetings of any Chapter in the U.S. and Canada.

A family (household) membership receives one additional 4 inch logo patch or an additional 10 inch back patch for a new membership of two or more year.

1.  A members card is issued to each family member listed.
2.  A decal and a pin.
3.  A monthly publication of Touring News our organizational GWTA magazine, containing information on upcoming events and reports on Region happenings. It's truly the members' magazine and has evolved along with the association's growth.
4.  A National directory "Blue Book" that is printed once a year listing all members, their telephone numbers and indicating what assistance they may be able to provide to fellow members in the event of trouble or breakdown, (If the directory is in the process of being up-dated when you join, you may not receive it with your pin, crest and membership card).
5.  You are also welcome to attend a yearly GWTA national gathering called "Gold Rush" which is centered on a "host" hotel concept in different parts of the U.S. and Canada.


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