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The quote book, for any poor unfortunate souls who happen to stumble upon this evil conglomeration of words and images, is a tradition of sorts that began back around September/October of 2002 by a select group of high school students at Nackawic High School - Amanda, Holly, Kyle, and Valerie. The first quote book began in a little yellow notebook that was sent to Amanda by her bestest overseas friend ever, Becca, and the first quote read as such: "If I had had a house and Kyle had a house and I found out that Kyle was setting off nuclear bombs in my basement, I would march right over to his house and set off a bomb in his MOUTH!" -Amanda.

Of course, this is all a lot of nonsense ramble. Since the "Nutty Tart" notebook, we have progressed to the "Hole-in-One" notebook that we acquired while in Toronto on a trip to film CBC's SmartAsk!, which Amanda bought from a nice looking boy in an art supply store who had a skinned nose. Recently, we filled that one and have now progressed to the "Under the Sea" notebook, which was given, by Holly, to Amanda, for Christmas.

From here on out, you're free to read what you like. This website will probably not stick solely to our quotebooks but rather move on to anything we so desire to stick in it. Most of the things are inside jokes, some of them aren't even funny, but the context/situation proved hilarious to us.. So sit back, relax, and read along.

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