Welcome to The Circle, NHMCCD's only Pagan club. We're a group of Pagans. (See "What is Paganism?" on the Links page.) This is not a "youth group" nor is it a coven. This is just a group of Pagans getting together to discuss religion and hang out with other Pagans. We are not an organized religion nor a cult out to get you. We have no high priest/ess as we are not a coven.


August 19, 2003

Fall semester is almost here! Time to start planning our first meeting of the (school) year. We need to decide on where to have it and when. We just had a full moon recently, so it would be several weeks till the next one. It's up to you guys, I'll be sending the email soon with links to polls for when and where. I know we're all about to adjust to our new schedules so this may be difficult to plan.

Please send an email if you're interested in being on a club phone list. (Th

TO JOIN: Go to the main NHMCCD website, and log into your Campus Cruiser email. Click the "CAMPUS LIFE" tab, then click "ALL CLUBS" on the left menu. Go to the "RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY" tab, and click on "THE CIRCLE". There will be a join link in the upper right corner.

Currently this method of joining only works for students registered at Tomball/Willowchase. If you attend an NHMCCD school, please email us and tell us which campus you attend, and your first and last name, and student email ([email protected]). We will send you an invitation to join via the school email system. You must attend an NHMCCD school. Houston Community Colleges are not connected with NHMCCD; they are two different districts. Hopefully this will work.

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