Widget Skins
To date, here are the only known add-on skins for Sarah Tuohy's terrific 
NHL Team Schedule Yahoo! Widget.

These skins offer a selection of many classic team logos and scripts, arranged as thematically as possible. Following the leaguewide 2007-'08 RBK re-brand, some of the 2007 alternates are technically no longer the team's official "alternate", but oh well.

All skins maintain the look and feel of the standard widget and don't represent any kind of radical departure from the default layout 
they are mostly just updates to the teams' logo images, though a few rows have been changed as needed for a better color match.

To install:
 - Click the desired download link and after being redirected to the remote file host, click the "Free user" button (or if already a premium member, obviously use that instead),  wait for the brief timer to count down, then click the large blue "Download" button.
 - Save the zip file(s) to your hard drive
 - Launch and right-click on the NHL Widget (version 1.4 or later) and select:
• "Skin Management" --> "Import skin"
• Then, click the "..." and browse your PC to find where you downloaded the zip

If you find that the images are bigger or smaller than you like, you can adjust them in the "General" tab of the "Widget Preferences" by changing the "Logo Size" field.

Finally, thanks to Sarah for all of her continued (and often thankless) widget work!

Home Uniforms Skin (2008)  Download
Anaheim 2007 Home (Rbk) Atlanta 2007 Home (Rbk) Boston 2007 Home (Rbk) Buffalo 2007 Home (Rbk) Calgary 2007 Home (Rbk) Carolina 2007 Home (Rbk)
Chicago 2007 Home (Rbk) Colorado 2007 Home (Rbk) Columbus 2007 Home (Rbk) Dallas 2007 Home (Rbk) Detroit 2007 Home (Rbk) Edmonton 2007 Home (Rbk)
Florida 2007 Home (Rbk) Los Angeles 2007 Home (Rbk) Minnesota 2007 Home (Rbk) Montreal 2007 Home (Rbk) Nashville 2007 Home (Rbk) New Jersey 2007 Home (Rbk)
NY Islanders 2007 Home (Rbk) NY Rangers 2007 Home (Rbk) Ottawa 2007 Home (Rbk) Philadelphia 2007 Home (Rbk) Phoenix 2007 Home (Rbk) Pittsburgh 2007 Home (Rbk)
San Jose 2007 Home (Rbk) St. Louis 2007 Home (Rbk) Tampa Bay 2007 Home (Rbk) Toronto 2007 Home (Rbk) Vancouver 2007 Home (Rbk) Washington 2007 Home (Rbk)
NHL 2008 "Hockey Fights Cancer" 10th Anniversary pink breast cancer Logo Eastern Conference 2008 All-Star Home Western Conference 2008 All-Star Away
Download Home Unforms (2008) Skin

Alternate Logos Skin (No.2) (2008)  Download
Anaheim 2006 Alt Script Logo Atlanta 1999 Script Logo Boston 2007 Secondary Buffalo 2000 Alt Calgary 1980 Primary (Away) Carolina 1997 Script Logo
Chicago 1964 Secondary (Home) Colorado 1995 Script Logo Columbus 2007 Script Logo Dallas 2007 Primary (Home) Detroit 1948 Script Logo Edmonton 1996 Script Logo
Florida 1993 Script Logo Los Angeles 1998 Primary "California Lion" Alt Minnesota 2000 Script Logo Montreal 2009 100th Anniversary Logo Nashville 1998 Script Logo New Jersey 1993 "Brodeur Mask" Logo
NY Islanders 1998 Secondary (Away Shoulder Patch) NY Rangers 1996 "Liberty" Alt Script Logo Ottawa 2007 Alt Philadelphia 1967 Alt Script Logo Phoenix 2003 Alt Pittsburgh 2002 Script Logo
San Jose 2007 Alt St. Louis 1998 Script Logo Tampa Bay 2007 Secondary Toronto 1970 Primary (Home) Vancouver 2007 Alt Washington 2007 Secondary
2008 AMP Energy NHL Winter Classic Logo Eastern Conference 2005 Alt
"version française"
Western Conference 2005 Alt
"version française"
 Download Alternate Logos Skin (No.2) (2008)

Alternate Logos Skin (No.1) (2007)  Download
Anaheim 2006 Alt Style Atlanta 1999 Alt Logo Boston 1995 "Pooh-Bear" Alt Buffalo 2006 Blue Secondary Calgary 2003 Alt Carolina 1997 "Storm Flag" Uni Emblem
Chicago 1937 Primary Colorado 2001 Alt Columbus 2003 Alt Dallas 2003 "Mooterus" Alt Detroit Cougars 1927 Alternate Edmonton 2001 "McFarlane" Alt
Florida 1993 Alt Los Angeles 1995 "Sunday Jersey" Alt Minnesota 2003 Alt Montreal 1924 Primary Nashville 2001 Alt New Jersey (Colorado Rockies) 1976 Primary
NY Islanders 1995 "Gorton's Fishsticks" Primary NY Rangers 1996 "Liberty" Alt Ottawa 1997 Alt Philadelphia 2002 Alt Phoenix 1996 Primary Pittsburgh 1968 Primary
San Jose 1991 Script Logo St. Louis 1998 Navy Alt Tampa Bay 1992 Script Logo Toronto 1938 Primary Vancouver 1970 Primary Washington 1995 Alt
NHL 1935 Primary Eastern Conference 2005 Alt Western Conference 2005 Alt
Download Alternate Logos Skin (No.1) (2007)

Secondary Logos Skin (2007)  Download

Anaheim 2006 Alt Style Atlanta 1999 Alt Style Boston 1955 Primary Buffalo 2006 Gold Secondary Calgary 1998 "Flaming Donkey" Alt/Secondary Carolina 1997 Secondary
Chicago 1964 Secondary (Home) Colorado 1995 "Bigfoot" Secondary Columbus 2003 "Civil War" Secondary Dallas 1999 Secondary Detroit 1973 "Reversed" Primary Edmonton 1996 "Rigger" Secondary
Florida 1993 Secondary Los Angeles 1998 Primary/2002 Secondary Minnesota 2000 Secondary Montreal 1952 Primary Nashville 2001 Secondary New Jersey 1982 Primary
NY Islanders 1998 Secondary (Home Shoulder Patch) NY Rangers 1947 Primary Ottawa 1992 Secondary Philadelphia 1967 Script Logo Phoenix 2006 Secondary Pittsburgh 2001 Secondary
San Jose 1991 Secondary St. Louis 1995 Alt Tampa Bay 1992 Secondary Toronto 2000 Secondary Vancouver 2003 Secondary Washington 1995 Secondary
NHL 2005 "version française" Eastern Conference 2005 "version française" Western Conference 2005 "version française"
Download Secondary Logos Skin (2007)

Throwback Logos Skin (2007)  Download
Anaheim (Mighty Ducks of Anaheim) 1993 Primary Atlanta 1999 Primary Boston 1924 Primary Buffalo 1970 Primary Calgary (Atlanta Flames) 1972 Primary Carolina (Hartford Whalers) 1979 Primary
Chicago 1926 Primary Colorado (Quebec Nordiques) 1979 Primary Columbus 2000 "Stinger" Alternate Dallas (Minnesota North Stars) 1974 Primary Detroit Cougars 1926 Primary Edmonton (WHA) 1972 Alternate
Florida 1993 Alternate Los Angeles 1967 Purple Alternate Minnesota 2000 Alternate Style Montreal (NHA) 1912 Primary Nashville 1998 Secondary New Jersey (Kansas City Scouts) 1974 Primary
NY Islanders 1972 Primary NY Rangers 1926 Primary Ottawa (Original Senators) 1917 Primary Philadelphia 1967 Primary Phoenix (Winnipeg Jets) 1979 Primary Pittsburgh 1967 Primary
San Jose 1991 Alt Style St. Louis 1984 Primary Tampa Bay 1992 Primary Toronto Arenas 1917 Primary Vancouver 1980 Primary Washington 1974 Primary
NHL 1917 Primary Eastern Conference (Prince of Wales Conference) 1974 Primary Western Conference (Clarence Campbell Conference) 1974 Primary
Download Throwback Logos Skin (2007)

Questions/Problems/Comments/Suggestions/Missing files, etc.?  e-mail [email protected]

April 15, 2007: Version Update 1.1
Updated Alternate Logos Skin and Throwback Logos Skin
 - Located proper NHL 1917 Primary Shield logo
 - Moved NHL 1935 
Primary Shield logo into Alternate Skin, replacing the "2006 MY Stanley Cup" logo
May 7, 2007: Version Update 1.2
Updated Alternate Logos Skin and Throwback Logos Skin
 - Changed San Jose Alternate logo to wordmark script design
 - Moved San Jose alternate style
logo to Throwback skin, replacing the standard SJ logo
October 4, 2007: Version Update 1.3
 - Fixed all three skins so they are compliant with the widget version 1.3 and the upcoming 1.4
 - Rehosted files on a new (and hopefully improved) free file sharing service
October 13, 2007: Version Update 1.4
 - Fixed filenames in xml control.  Skin should be used only with version 1.4 of the widget.
March 23, 2008: Version Update 2.0
 - Added two new skins (finally) for 2007-'08 season, just in time for the Playoffs  Home Uniforms 2008 and Alternate Logos 2008.
October 7, 2008: Re-uploaded files
 - Fixed download links as host had deleted previous versions
November 12, 2008: Re-re-uploaded files
 - Fixed download links yet again and trying a new file hosting service
May 27, 2009: Re-re-re-uploaded files
 - This should be the last time these files disappear.  I didn't want to use Rapidshare, but it's definitely the most secure.

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