When you move your mouse over a link on any web page, normaly the address that the link points the browser to is shown down in the bottom left hand corner of the browser window. (please point this out Mr. Mack) Now useing a small bit of javascript, we are able to display a coustom message about the link down in that corner. javascript is alot like html in the way tags are written, but it is much more complex in the amount of stuff that can be done with it. It will alow us to write things we learned in html as well as new types of tags souch as this one. <a href= name of url onMouseOver="window.status='coustom message';return true">link text> The item highlighted in red is verry important, it is called the trigger in the javascript text. It tells the browser "when this happens, then preform the action within the quotation marks." onMouseOver tells the browser to do this when the mouse is over the link, there are many other things that may trigger an event, souch as clicking a butten or link. In this tag, the window.stadus part in yellow, tells your web browser to point the operation to the stadus window, or that thing down in the bottom left hand corner of the current browser window where the word "done" often is. the part 'coustom message' in green is where you type in the message you want displayed in the area that was pointed to by whatever information is given where the window.stadus line is. ok, lets put it all together, telling the browser to point to the Geocities sight, and tell the browser to use the message: "Pop goes the math teacher" the tag would look like this: <a href=http://www.geocities.com onMouseOver="window.status='pop goes the math teacher';return true">Link to geocities sight</a> this link will perform the same opperation as the test link below Link to geocities sight this is a working link, and also displays the message in the stadus window the "return true" line is only there to finish up the tag, it dosent do much else, but its has to be there for the tag to work. I know this seems kinda pointless, but learning this tag allows you to get into more complicated triggers and directions for your web browser, pluss its fun to play with!
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