Rank Information

These are the ranks and the meanings of each, rate yourself honestly and continue to practace on the hardest opponenet possible, dont give up if you cant get it either, everyone has the potential to be a great raven.

Rank E-

Poor fighting skills, not much of a challenge for even a few MT's to trample over. Few ravens are this bad.

Rank D-

Can preform simple missions and can also play a small role as consort in a mission, but can not handle larger more challenging missions.

Rank C-

A more trained pilot, he or she has begone to find their niche in armored core and is devoloping favored weapons and designs. Also has more of an understanding of combat than lower ranks and has better combat skills, but still not quite ready for the tough stuff.

Rank B-

The true level (if they admit it or not) of most ravens. These are able to beat the AI no matter what AC set up they are put up agenst, but my struggle a bit on certain enimeys.

Rank A-

Have surpased the abilitys of the AI and are now ready to fight agenst other capable human pilots. They can handle most things that are thrown up agenst them but maybe not everything. They have found their best aspect and have begone to work on places where they are lagging.

Rank S-

Have mastered Most of the aspects of armored core, although i dont beleave anyone can truly "master" the game. Even though they might get beaten by A ranks it dosent meen that they arnt S class worthy, or that those that beat them are.

God Rank-

These are the ravens that you can only hope to see fight! these have mastered every corner of armored core, can win with any AC including the begining one, and with their own cores are untouchable by any weapons. The god rank (no matter how much some people like to say so) is impossible. There is absoutly no way to go though every battle without being touched, there is now way to master the game. If your not doing to well now, dont worey, there is always a way, for everyone, to beat anyone, all you need is practace. No one is unbeatable, no matter what their rank is.
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