Norway: Environment Minister wants ban on transport of nuclear waste

The Norway Post - Doorway to Norway

17. Januar 2002

Environment Miister Boerge Brende wants a ban on the transport of
nuclear waste along the Norwegian coast.

Japan and Russia announced plans for such transport last year.

Brende says such transport is very risky, and that the
consequensesof an accident would be serious.

Last year, Japan's nuclear industry and the Russian government
announced plans for transporting high grade nuclear waste by
ship, from Europe to Japan, along the Norwegian coast, NRK

The Japanese nuclear industry wants to transport so-called
HLW-waste from the cracking of plutonium in France and Great
Britain, according to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

The plan calls for the ships to take the Arctic lane, along the
coast of Norway, past the Murmansk, along the coast of Siberia to
Japan. A Russian nuclear driven ice-breaker will precede each
freighter, according to Greenpeace.

The environmental organization Bellona supports Brende's desire
to ban the transport.

(NRK/Norway Post)

Rolleiv Solholm


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