Demand increased control of atomic safety
(Krever kraftig skjerping av atomsikkerhet)

Aftenposten - Norway; Nov 30, 2001

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has
warned of terrorist attacks on nuclear plants and wants
control of atomic weapons to be tightened. Increased control will
also affect the plants at Halden and Kjeller in Norway. IAEA has
suggested that up to NKr500m extra be spent on security measures
against so-called atomic terrorism, and measures will
particularly be made in eastern Europe. Erling Stranden of Statens
Stralevern, the Norwegian radiation protection authority, said
that nuclear safety has been an issue for several years.

Mr Stranden explained that most nuclear plants are
constructed so as to be able to endure a collision with a small
aircraft. However, he could not say if the possibility of
hijackers running a major passenger aircraft into a plant has been
considered. He also believed that the Norwegian plants with
atomic material are sufficiently secure.

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