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"To Be Continued..." fund.  

Mycattoldme's High Quality Graphic, "Whoops" http://www.cafeshops.com/WhoopsPoster 

We have Vorlags! From http://www.ClaudiaBlack.de/ in The Vorlag Shop

Catch Tirielitis! http://cafepress.com/Tirielitis

Mycattoldme's High Quality Graphic, "Whoops" is now available through the FWA.


"Whoops" is graciously donated by Mycattoldme. Please visit her site gallery @ Cat Hair Studios. http://www.CatHairStudios.com/

More of Mycattoldme's campaign work can be seen in the Graphics forum @ http://savefarscape.com

To our Beloved Raven-Haired Goddess! 

In The Vorlag Shop by Shipscat. 


The original Vorlag Drawing is by Una: http://www.cafeshops.com/CurlyandMoe

"Curly & Moe" was Graciously Donated by Una & UCSBdad. Thanks goes to DarkScape! :) http://www.claudiablack.de/ 

Catch Tirielitis!  

Patterned on Tiriel's Siggy. Tirielitis has infected many of us :bounce: and "WE'RE GETTING OUR SHOW BACK!!!!" 

Tiriel's siggy has graciously been donated by Tiriel. Smilies by Shipscat, Graphic by --nh


Tirielitis Mousepad
"Momma's Little Cabbage Patch" Dolls and "Momma's Favorite" in "Mom's Dolls!" Pic from Shipscat. Graphic by --nh


Do you have a favorite Family Photo you Want to See on Your T-Shirt? Let us do it for you in The "The Vanity Shop!" 




"Cock-Eyed Optimist" 

is Shipscat's Conception/Art. Graphic by --nh. 


Ash Grey T-Shirt
Print by Slider Rajiv! http://home.att.net/~zippyman/contest.html

"That Hideous Madness" has been Graciously Donated by Sliders Rajiv & Dexter   http://home.att.net/~zippyman/slmad.html 


(From Left  KaraS, DRAyKE, Shipscat, The Pain King and Stevepalmer.)

Additional Shops...

Mousepad Mug

 Our Other Good Friends Fighting to Save FarScape have built these sites:

From Uisceboo (Boo/Whiskey) http://www.SaneTV.com/


Send beautiful FarScape Cards built by Bluegirls. Many of Farscape Fan Artists are represented or load your own picture! With Wav files from John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, "1812 Overture" and music. http://farscape.bittersweetblue.net/ 

"IN OTHER NEWS" from Ryan and Lar:  Do *Not!* Make me Tongue You!

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