"The Big6"
D.C. Virgo has adopted "The Big6" Model for Research which was originally developed by Bob Berkowitz and Mike Eisenberg. It can be used for all projects and tasks assigned to some degree.
The Big6 Steps are:

1. Task Definition
.....what exactly is the task/problem?
.....what is needed in order to complete the task/solve the problem?

2. Information Seeking Strategies
.....what resources are available?
.....which resources are the best to use with this task?

3. Location and Access (of information)
.....where are the resources?
.....where within the resource is the information?

4. Use of Information
.....what information can be gained from the resource?
.....what information can be used to complete the task/solve the problem?

5. Synthesis
.....How can the information from multiple sources be organized in a way that is useful?
.....How can the information collected be presented most effectively?

6. Evaluation
.....Does the product show the task is completed?
.....Was the process effecient?
.....Was the product effective?

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