What I Do
Myrtle Grove is a middle school with approximately 800 students in grades 6-8. It is a School of Excellence with High Performance!  As a school social worker, I work with students who may be having challenges in school because of attendance, academics, health, behavior, family problems, or peer relationships.  I also work with parents to help them access resources in the community that can provide them assistance with health, mental health, juvenile justice, or economic needs.  A major responsibility of the school social worker is to address student attendance and absenteeism.  Many times this opens the door to other needs the student or family has.  Throughout the school year, I facilitate counseling groups with students that focus on dealing with Grief, Divorce, Teen Anger Management, Diversity, and Substance Abuse in the Family.  Parents provide permission for their adolescent to participate in each group,  When the group is over,  I take the members to the Ropes Course or Alpine Tower for a day which allows them to challenge themselves while working cooperatively with each other.
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