What is a 504/Individual Accommodation Plan
A 504/Individual Accommodation Plan is an assurance of the fact that all children will have equal access to public education.  An IAP is an obligation of resources and services to a student. 

The plan should be specific to the student's disability and the impact of the disability in every aspect of the regular educational program. 
The plan should reflect an accommodation that is not available to other members of the school/class. 

This obligation is strongly supported by the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Education and the federal courts.  Violation of the accommodations contained in a 504 Plan is considered a denial of the child's civil rights by OCR and subject to legal consequences.
Who is entitled to protection under Section 504 of the Americans' with Disablities Act?
In order for a student to be served by a 504/Individual Accommodation Plan, the student must have a physical or mental disability
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