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Wow!Time continues to speed up on us. We have had a fantastic first semester and are now well into the second. We have lots of events coming up so make sure you read the newsletter for dates and check the events calendar available on our school website.

Parents, as often as you can, please ask your middle school student about his or her day and take time to listen and be involved with them. The middle school years can be a difficult time for students and lots of support is needed. Please encourage your child to read for thirty minutes each evening. This will help your child become a better reader and hopefully turn them on to reading!  Reading opens many, many doors and provides countless opportunities.

In May, we will be administering the End of Grade Reading, Math, and Science 8 tests. Some of the activities we are doing to help prepare include: daily "quick reads", "word problem of the day", and academic tutoring. We encourage you to contact Virgo teachers to ask how you can help at home to get ready for these tests.

Finally, all of us at DC Virgo want to help EVERY student be successful. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's social or academic progress, please call us so that we may help. Together, parents and teachers can make a difference! Thank you for sending us your children each and every day.

Megan Silvey
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