Now here's an Engine I'm pretty sure you're not going to see too many of. It's a Morrisville engine of approx. 2 H.P. It has 5 spoke flywheels,a "Planhard" carburetor and appears to have an early motorcycle gas tank. The spark plug is between the pushrods! It is what is called a blacksmith Engine, as it was probably the only copy made. It doesn't have a single casting #, or identifying mark anywhere on it. It is thermosyphon cooled with the attached water tank. It has a fly weight governor built into the cam gear and looks like it could be run Throttle governored or "Hit'n"miss. It runs very slow, quiet and Smooooth! 
To the untrained eye this is just a pile of kindling wood. Actually It's a bunch of patterns that came with the above Engine. The flywheel is 30" in Dia., and the patterns suggest an engine of about 3 H.P. could be made, having a sideshaft operated valve mechanism.  
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