This is my "model" Abenaque Tractor. It is approximately 1/2 size of a 1909 12 H.P. Tractor. It was on the cover of the "Gem" magazine .  ( July, 1999 )  
This is a 1908 example of an abby tractor. This isn't easy to see , the flywheels are inside of the frame rails , which make it an early 1908 ,probably 12 HP.  The 15 HP. one is quite a bit larger in size. As far as we know , none of these awesome tractors still exists. 
This isn't truly a tractor yet.I have to toggle up the drive train , and the Engine itself needs some TLC. The engine is a very early model. It was originally built in Westminster Vermont before 1900. At some later date it was rejuvenated at Westminster , or the second factory in Marlborough New Hampshire. The hopper was installed and the ignition was changed from wipe spark to Webster. .   
Well here I am at the 1995 Hinsdale N.H. show , which featured the 100th anniversary of Abenaque Machine Works. 
Abenaque Tractors
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