International Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority
APO Firsts:

First greek organization to be based on volunteer and service activites.

We have 2 alumni that were Presidents of the United States (Eisenhower and Clinton)

We were the first greek organization to have a diamond as our jewel.

We are the single largest Greek organization in the United States

We were the first fraternity to have an alumni sent into space (James Lovell)

We were the first fraternity to receive the Presidental award of Achievement

Why should you join?
What can it do for you?

Good questions.

Alpha Phi Omega is an international fraternity/sorority, with chapters in universities, colleges and campuses all over the Philippines and in the United States of America. You're joining more than just a campus club. You're joining a family, a brotherhood of young men and women committed to doing their part to help others and living lives guided by the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Originally founded to be a way for Eagle Scouts to continue their service in college, APO has grown to accommodate students from every background who are interested in service.College should be more than just the acquisition of facts and figures; it should also broaden your experiences, expand and test your inherent abilities, and sharpen your social skills. Alpha Phi Omega, through its unique program of leadership, friendship and service, can add this necessary but often lacking aspect of college life -- and at the same time enable you to help others while helping yourself.APO is the better choice among other Greek fraternities and sororities on the different campuses in the Philippines today. We believe that the quality of experience of being a member of APO is more rewarding than joining other fraternities or sororities. While these groups do "philanthropies" infrequently, APO is proud of the regularity and worthwhileness of its scheduled service projects.

Who can join?

Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is for people who want to make a difference in their corner of the world. In our fraternity, you will build strong bonds with fellow members, re-invigorate your desire to help others and hone skills to make you better able to contribute to the world. Membership is open to any college student enrolled on a campus where a collegiate chapter exists who is approved for membership by that chapter.How can you join?Applicants for membership are screened and interviewed. You may contact any APO member in your school where an APO chapter exists.A Pre-Membership Orientation for all applicants will follow after the interviews. This orientation, which is in a way a part of the membership process, will introduce you to Alpha Phi Omega. The date, time and place of the orientation will be announced later in the campus.If after the orientation you decide to continue, then you will be inducted into pledge membership, join a Pledge Batch and participate in a short pledge period. A candidate for membership is called a Pledge. A group of Pledges in a single batch is called a Pledge Class or a Pledge Batch.

What is pledging?

Pledging/Joining is all about getting to know Alpha Phi Omega and letting the members get to know the pledges. Everything done during the pledge process is designed to help prospective members learn about the fraternity so they can determine if Alpha Phi Omega is the place for them. Each chapter has developed its own individual pledge program. Some common elements include participation in leadership, fellowship and service activities; helping to plan and implement a project; getting to know members of the chapter and the pledge class; serving on a committee.


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