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By the year 1950, it already had 227 chapter from coast to coast to coast.  It reached the Philippine shores and found a new home in the archipelago of 7,100 islands in the same year (1950).

The Republic of the Philippines then was only four years old. The Boy Scout Movement founded by LORD BADEN-POWELL in the Great Britain was organized in the Philippines in 1923; in 1950, as now, many Filipinos where actively participating in the movement.

One evening that year, Scouters in Manila were invited to a conference with a certain SOL LEVY from Washington State, USA.Brother Levy expressed the desire to organize Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines. He gave a short talk and distributed some of copies of three APO publications: Questions And Answers, National Constitution and By-laws and Ritual Rites and Ceremonies.

LIBRADO I. URETA, an eagle scout and a graduate student at Far Eastern University, Manila, was among the the audience. Inspired by brother Levy's words, he read the publications and shared them with fellow scouts and students on the FEU campus. He asked their opinion about brother Levy's desire and the response was good. On March 2, 1950, Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity was Founded at Nicanor Reyes Sr. Hall, Room 214, FEU.The charter members were:

                       LIBRADO I. URETA
                       IGNACIO J. SEVILLA SR.
                       ROMEO Y. ATIENZA
                       GUILLERMO R. PADOLINA
                       GODOFREDO P. NERIC
                       LEONARDO R. OSORIO
                       RALPH G. HAWKINS
                       ALFREDO DE LOS REVES
                       BONIFACIO V. LAZCANO
                       LAMBERTO T. DOMINNGUEZ
                       MAX M. VELASCO

After early preparations, a petiion for official status and copies of the publications were sent to the FEU administration. Few days after, the university recognized the organization.

Alpha Phi Omega grew rapidly and healthy in the philippines; in its third year when 7 chapters had been chartered on Manila and Visayan campuses, It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision as a nonstock, non frofit and nondividend corporation.
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