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Welcome to my personal web site.

I am Naeem Hasan living in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET). Now I am working in a multinational organization as IT specialist. I have some experience in desktop & database programming by Visual Basic Dot Net and web programming by ASP, PHP and JSP. I have developed some software that has been sold in local market.

I have written some articles that have been published in national dailies. One of them is a new theory in democratic election system. This article has been published on The Daily Jai Jai Din at the editorial page on July 15, 2006. I have initiated a movement to establish this theory in Bangladesh. For this I have created a group in Yahoo as MFGG (Movement For Good Governance) and invite people to join this group. You can find my all articles in Publication page.

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