This page provides an introduction to myself.

My name is Khawaja Naweed Ahmed.
A retired Graduate Engineer by profession,specialising in Telecommunications and Electronics. I was born,educated and employed in Lahore,Pakistan.Besides being an engineer, I am a Human rights activist,a Peace activist, An amateur Photographer, A Freelance Journalist, A social worker,a Poetry writer & now-a-days interested in documentry film making etc

Just recently,(Sep 2008)I acted & assisted in direction a film on "Recycling" which has been sent for "Eco-Film Festival" in KL & will be shown in Penang in Nov 2008.The title of the film is "Zero waste Home" & it is directed by "Ong BK".

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I have also included on these pages Casio PV250X data file link as nwd.twf.
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