"Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
Learn as if you were to live forever" 


GIS and Remote Sensing

ESRI - The GIS Software Leader

ESRI Training - GIS Science, Software, and Applications

IODE Resource Kit

Remote Sensing Tutorial by NASA

NASA's Earth Observing System Project Science Office

Applied Remote Sensing Cluster

Remote Sensing - Learning Resources

UNEP/GRID - Sioux Falls

Earthnet Online

Earth Watching

ESA Portal

ESA EO Principal Investigator Portal

The European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools

BODC - British Oceanographic Data Centre

UNH - Resources for Students

MUMM - Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models

Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study

Mapping and GIS Laboratory 



Advanced studies in marine and lacustrine sciences

Paleoclimatology and Climatology


Statistics and Mathematics

SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook

Statistical Advisor

STATISTICA - data mining, data analysis, quality control


Information and Computer-based Studies

Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Library

Web of Science 4.1.1

UWEC'S ITM Online Help Collection

Microsoft Help and Support

Courses related to computer-based information retrieval

HTML 4.01 Specification

Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2

Web Style Sheets


English and Foreign Language Studies

SYSTRAN - Information and Translation Technologies

Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary

Bell English Online - Help

English Language Teaching


Marine Ecology

Marine Biology

2000 Syllabus: Processes in Natural Systems/Western College Program, Miami University

Biodiversity in the Indian River Lagoon

Jesus Pineda Benthic Ecology Lab

Museum Victoria: Estuarine Health

NOAA Central Library: Weather sites

NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)

European Marine Biology Symposium

World Species List Taxa Database Plants Animals Microbes



Vietnamese Music Database

Free Electronic Greeting Cards


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