Hoa G. Nguyen's very low-tech

Freshwater Planted Aquarium


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1 Echinodorus bleheri; 2 Cryptocoryne wendtii; 3 Egeria densa; 4 Microsorium pteropus; 5 Bacopa caroliniana; 6 baby Echinodorus bleheri (from 1) (planted here until they are large enough to trade in); 7 Echinodorus amazonicus; 8 Anubias nana; 9 Vesicularia dubyana; 10 Microsorium pteropus; 11 a taller variety of Cryptocoryne wendtii; 12 Hygrophila polysperma

Current plants:

Plants labeled with * are producing fast enough for me to regularly prune and sell back to our local aquarium stores. The plant links below will open up a separate window to the Krib's archive of discussions about the particular plants.

Past plants:

(most were unsuccessful due to low light--before lighting was upgraded from 80W to 120W) Click here if you don't see navigation buttons at the bottom Home
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